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Hello! My name is Sydney & I am 20 years old & truly believe that I was born to be around animals. I have many goats & bunnies which I’ve rescued, and other animals like guinea pigs, chickens, & mini chickens that I’ve gotten over the years. I am lucky enough to work here at Blackstone Stables & am able to keep my critters here as long as I maintain & look after them, as well as buying everything they need. A few years ago, I started a petting zoo class so that more kids could get the opportunity to be around the animals that I love so dearly & I decided I am going to over it again as the weather is getting nicer! I offer an hour long petting zoo class in Highland, located at the beautiful Hoffman Farms. During the hour class, your child will get to pet, feed, hold, & take pictures with all different types of barnyard animals! They will also get the chance to get a pony ride! We have chickens & mini chickens, bunnies, guinea pigs, goats (including a set of twin babies who were born on March 1st), cows, horses & mini horses, & even a mini mule! For an hour long class, it is $20 per kid. Pm me on Facebook (my name is Sydney Pflaum) or text me at 248-877-7336 to set up a fun- filled day learning all about animals!

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