Birthday Parties

Make your young horse lover's birthday party the most memorable by having their birthday party at Blackstone Stables!

Blackstone Stables

Here at Blackstone Stables, we would be absolutely honored to be a part of your young horse lover’s next birthday party! Our parties are amazingly unique and one-of-a-kind considering we odder a very hands-on experience for the participants attending! Your party will typically begin with an adventure to our petting zoo right on the property to go see a variety of different farm animals. But wait, the fun doesn’t end there! We will then entertain the participants with horse/pony rides for the kids! After this, we then invite you to bring your own refreshments (food, cake, drinks, etc.) and enjoy them in either our clubhouse overlooking our indoor arena, on the front patio of our winery (giving you an amazing view of the property, including the pastures and outdoor arena), or under our gazebo on the front lawn! We also have the ability to offer outdoor or indoor parties, allowing us to be a part of your child’s special day regardless of weather or season! Of course, parties can be tailored to meet the specific needs and desires of your child. Pricing begins at $30 a child with a minimum of 7 riders (if you do not have a total of 7 riders, that is fine, but the minimum price would still be $210). Make sure to contact us today to set up your child’s next (and most memorable) birthday party yet!