Indoor Board


Pony stall: $450 per month

Horse stall: $550 per month


Outdoor Board

 (Pasture with hay when needed)

 $300 per month


Our barn is a full service boarding facility with 50 stalls in the main barn and 3 pastures available for outdoor board. Stall dimensions range from 8x10 pony stalls to 12x12 horse stalls. 

All horses are fed in the AM and PM. Hay and water is given 3-4 times daily. Diet consists of a 12% protein based pellet manufactured by Patriot. Special feeds are available upon request. Our hay is grown and cut from over 200 acres of our own fields.

Stalled horses are turned-out in one of our available 9 pastures from 8 am to 2pm. Each pasture provides access to 3 acres or greater of space. Stalls are cleaned and bedded daily. Water buckets are cleaned weekly.

Employees reside on the property.  Someone is always available for assistance. All horses are cared for daily.  Blankets are checked and changed to accommodate changing weather conditions.  Personnel are observant, knowledgeable, and capable to provide the necessary care for any horse.