Blackstone Stables

At Blackstone Stables, we also have the ability to offer a super fun, interactive, hands on, and super busy summer camp! These camps are perfect for horse lovers of all ages and abilities, the only requirement is that the rider be at least 5 years old. There is also no age limit on camp, if you’re interested, you are welcome! Camps have the option of being either a single day or a week-long camp and run from 10 am to 4 pm. Please note, that even in the week-long sessions, campers do NOT spend the night at our facility, as we sadly do not have accommodations for this. The week-long sessions are simply like 5 consecutive day camps. Each session is broken up into the more experienced riders and less experienced riders. This is so no rider feels like they are being pushed beyond their limits nor held back. In the beginner group, it will be more focused on the basics of riding, proper posture, and fun activities that work to strengthen the riders’ skills. In the more advanced group, they will work on more complicated skills as well as things like trail riding, distractions, and other things of this nature. No matter what, your child will leave camp proficient in the basic skills of horsemanship and how to care for the basic needs of a horse. This camp is for sure to be the favorite camp your child has ever attended!



On Your Own Horse: $80

​On a School Horse: $100

01-05       Blackstone Stables Annual Week Long Camp

​22            Blackstone Stables Annual Day Camp

​One Day Camp:


​25            Blackstone Stables Summer Day Camp

If your child does not want to tie-dye or paint their camp shirt with our logo, please pack them a white t-shirt or tank top to tie-dye or paint instead!

​Note: if signing up multiple children, we need one release form for EACH camper. We have updated the release forms as of this year (2022) so we will need new release forms for each camper, even if you did camp with us last summer!

Camp Registration Form

**You can either submit the completed release forms with the submission for camp, mail in the release form, or email the scanned and completed release form to**

Camp Pricing

Horse Camp

2022 Camp Dates

​20-24      Blackstone Stables Week Long Summer Camp

​Week Long Camp:


On Your Own Horse: $400

​On a School Horse: $500

For week long camps, campers do NOT spend the night at our facility, as we sadly to not have the accommodations to allow for this.