"Nellie" is an adorable 10 y/o, 15.1hh , chestnut, thoroughbred, mare. She is as easy as any thoroughbred can come. Nellie has exceptional ground manners, she's the first to greet you at the gate, and she loves all of your affections. Undersaddle, she is slow and quiet to walk and to trot and she canters with ease.  Nellie is looking for a rider to call her very own and will make for a great first horse for any type of rider as she will gladly teach you how to enjoy to ride.  Please contact for more information.


Meet "Summer" our registered 6 y/o, 13.1hh, chestnut, Bashkir Curly medium pony mare. Summer is our favorite lesson and camp pony as she is fantastic at walking and trotting quietly for the beginner rider. She does small jumps and is our safe trail mount.  She willingly escorts any rider out on the trails and she bolding rides through it all. Summer is simply a treat to have in the barn. She is a fun pony to ride! And the best part is that she is about to have a foal that is fully available to be a registered Curly.  Please contact for more information.  

Available For Sale at

Blackstone Stables

Blackstone Stables

2521 Rose Center Rd

Highland, MI 48356

Ellesse Schwartz 248-390-6831

Sarah Templin 734-812-0869

Looking for something else? Do not hesitate to contact us for we have many more horses & ponies available for sale.


Proudly being presented for sale is Rory a 13.1hh, 8 y/o, bay and white, paint/welsh cross, gelding.  Rory walks, trots, and canters effortlessly with the kids aboard.  He is a fabulous mover with fluid gaits and easy transitions. Rory jumps around in fabulous form every time and with a natural lead change. He is sure to be one amazing pony in the show ring and to turn heads everywhere that he goes. Please contact for more information.


Looking for something exceptional? Meet "Rose."  Rose is a  17hh, 4 y/o, blue roan Oldenburg/Percheron crossbred. She has a solid foundation on the flat with great gaits at the walk, trot, and canter.  She is super balanced and picks up both of her leads with ease.  Her movement is fluid, flowing, and relaxed and she has all the bells and whistles. Rose is jumping small courses. And will be an excellent baby to bring along. Her quiet disposition from the ground to under saddle makes her a treat to enjoy.  Rose is a lovely horse and she is ready to be yours. Please contact for more information.  

​​Shoo Fly Pie

Shoo Fly Pie or as we call her Sookie is a 15.3 hh,  7 y/o, registered American Hanoverian with small junior potential. She is  not only simply stunning but she is the total package for anyone interested in winning in the show ring. This young mare has all the scope you could ever need. She moves a 10+ and jumps a 10 + and she knows her job well. Leg to go with a phenomenal ground covering step. Sookie flats with ease and she is game for anything from Derby's and Hunter Classics to the Equitation Ring.  This mare absolutely LOVES to jump and LOVES to horse show. Her scope is unbeatable and her form is magnificent. She enjoyed showing last season with her junior rider and is stepping out this season into the 3ft arena. Sookie is looking for a junior rider to call her own.  Please contact for more information.  

Pony Express

Meet "Pony Express," or as we call her "Darby". She is a gorgeous 14hh, large, dappled dun, 14 y/o, pony, mare who is learning to love to jump.  Darby comes with all kinds of buttons as her previous career was western reining so she is exceptionally versatile and would make for and equestrian team dream horse. Darby is simply a treat to have in the barn as she is a fun pony to ride! Darby offers 3 exceptional and comfortable gaits. This pony has all the right moves with zero spook and a great temperament on the ground.  Not to mention she is super flashy with her elegant buckskin dapples.  Please contact for more information.  


Louie is an exquisite 14y/o, 16.1hh , chestnut thoroughbred gelding. He is as easy as they come from his slow and quiet walk, trot, and canter to his willingness over fences. Louie is a cute mover with a great jump and a solid lead change.  He is looking for a kid,  or an adult to call his very own and will make for a great first horse for any type of rider as he will gladly teach you everything from the beginner rider to the intermediate rider looking to move up. Currently, Louie is schooling 3ft courses with the room and the scope to go bigger. On the side, Louie also excels as a lesson horse in our school program and is the perfect gentleman. Please contact for more information.