Little Debbie is a beautiful black and white grade spotted mare that ya the true definition of gentle! This mare is super laid back and easy to be around. Much like still using training wheels on your bike but you’ll like a whole lot cooler! Little Debbie has a ton of trail miles and been a womens horse during her career. She’s always taken it slow and Debbie enjoys that, she doesn’t get excited or in a hurry over anything. She’s mellow and drama free 100% of the time. If you’re looking for a race car she is NOT the one but if you want safe, easy and pretty then she IS the one with out a doubt. Located in Salyersville, KY. Call Zach for more info 513-508-3684

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Price: set your own through Platinum Equine Auction

Meet Jet!
Jet is a handsome chestnut welsh cross pony with all the chrome in the world! He is 8 years old and approximately 13hh. Jet is a loving boy who wants to please. Jet is the first one to greet you at the gait wanting to be loved. He w/t/c English and western, has flying lead changes, jumps, barrel races, and trail rides like a champ! Jet has recently been started over fences and shows a liking to it. He has potential to grow and show in the hunter jumper world. Jet has also been to 4h shows and a few barrel races! He handles new situations like a champ and takes care of his rider! Jet is also a trail master! He is game for enjoying a relaxing ride and he will tackle anything you put in front of him. He will walk through water, trees, logs, brush, rocks, and is traffic safe. He is great for leading, bathing, grooming, and saddling. Jet has A+ ground manners, easy to catch, and gets along with all horses and people. Jet would make a great 4h show pony, hunter pony, trail pony, or a speed pony! Jet can do anything and everything! What can’t this boy do?!?!? He’s brave, kind, smart, easy going, and has the try and will that you can’t train in a horse!

Meet Docs Royal Pep Olena or “Whiskey” as we call him. Whiskey is a 2013 sorrel AQHA gelding. Whiskey is a handsome 15hh stocky and is correct in every way when it comes to conformation. He has a kind eye and a cute white blaze down the center of his face with 3 socks. This sweet gelding wants to work and please his rider. Whiskey is a been there done that boy. From arena riding, to trails, cattle sorting, barrels, poles, and everything in between he has done it! Whiskey is a 3D/4D barrel and pole horse. He has competed at barrel and pole events all over the US and a horse to watch in the ring! He would be a great horse for someone looking to get into speed events and or cattle sorting. He has easy flying lead changes and carries himself well through all of the paces. He has a fantastic jog that is smooth and easy going. Whiskey has an excellent neck rein and can spin on a dime. Whiskey is a brave boy out on the trails. He is happy to lead or follow and even rides out alone or in a group. Whiskey would even make a great hunter jumper horse. This boy is willing to do anything you throw at him and he does it well too! He’s athletic and smart in every way! If you’re looking for a horse to have fun with, show, to trail ride, or even a backyard family horse whiskey is your guy!


I am proud to offer you Dollar Blues, a Registered 7 year old Gelding standing around 15.1-15.2hh. Dollar Blues is Registered in TWHBEA and was foaled on April 29th, 2014. Dollar Blues is a TRUE Blue and pretty as a picture. Aside from his color, Dollar is broke enough for anyone with basic riding knowledge. We have put him through every obstacle, where he has yet to show us any wrong. Dollar is an exceptional trail horse and has been used at local fun shows in the past. Without hesitation he will cross creeks, ditches and climb the steepest slopes. He is super careful on the trails and sure-footed as he will take his time if asked. Dollar stands to be bathed, clipped, mounted and for the farrier. He has all the patience in the world, and will even ground tie. Front, back or middle, Dollar does not care where he rides in large groups and will ride out perfectly alone. He stands on a picket line, tied to the trailer or cross-tied in the barn. This guy is big and stocky enough for any sized rider. Dollar is not bothered by gunshots, ATV’s, tractors or any other loud farm equipment. Here is the opportunity to own a once in a lifetime gelding with all the looks, style and brains. Located in Whitley City, KY. Contact Rostin 606-310-9004 with any questions.

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Rick O Shay is that classy, dark chestnut AQHA gelding that turns heads everywhere he goes. He has natural chrome and shines all the time. Not to mention, he is built as good as you could ask for one to be. At 15.1hh and 1315lbs he’s a great size for all riders, and at 10yrs old he’s the perfect age! Rick O Shay is the entire package that will fit most anyone whether you’re looking for a ranch horse, rope horse, or just a good looking partner to head down the trails on! “Joe”, as we call him, came off of the Atkins Ranch in Detroit, Tx which is an almost two thousand acre ranch. There, Joe got his start in life and learned the meaning of hard work and how to be a dependable partner. He’s been used outside to do year round ranch work and is always up to the task at hand. He is a ton of fun in the branding pen and won’t let you down when you need one held tight to doctor in the pasture. Joe has also been used all throughout the mountains of Colorado to do ranch work and trail ride. He is sure footed and level headed making him the ideal candidate to go blaze new trails. In the winter months, Joe would often sit for the whole season due to the weather. Come spring he would be caught, saddled, and then used to tote around less experienced friends that would come visit the ranch to see the sights on the trails and help move the herd to grazing grounds. Out on the trail Joe will go wherever asked on a loose rein, and absolutely loves going through water!
In the arena, he has proven to be exceptional at anything that involves a cow. He’s the go to when fresh steers come in and need to be strung because he has all the run you need to catch them straight off the trailer. Joe is a phenomenal head horse as well but will kick his hind end over in the box and you’ll have to correct him. He leaves flat as one should and has the rate needed for slower cattle. You can take him to the 8 or 16 with no issue. Joe has a lot of cow sense and would fit a weekend sorter looking for their next mount. He reads a cow well and with his ranching background, he’s well versed in the art that is sorting. With his athleticism and handle, there’s no doubt Joe is the one stop shop to do it all on. He is easy to get along with whether you’re an experienced rider or just starting out as he’s one handed broke with straightforward and easy buttons. He picks up both leads easily and doesn’t get in a hurry unless asked. Both his trot and lope are comfortable to ride and easy to sit as well. Whether he’s as fresh as can be or being used daily, Joe rides like one should. Joe is easy to be around and stands for everything (grooming, bathing, saddling, etc.). He’ll give you his feet when you go to pick them up and stands for the farrier as well. He loads/unloads like a gentleman and is great while hauling. He gets along with everyone in the herd, is easy to catch, and has had no previous health issues. Joe has also never offered to buck, rear, or hump up regardless of time off. To see more pictures of Joe, please visit our website Don’t hesitate to reach out to Sarah at 817-366-6123 for any additional information or questions you might have!

Price: $5,500 for the pair

Jake is a 5 year old John mule standing 15.1 hands tall, we have had this mule around all summer and haver hauled him several times on big trail rides, Jake is as laid back and gentle as any mule you will ever come across EVER. He’s got the best personality and absolutely loves people, you can leave this mule up for any length of time, pull him out and go ride and not have to worry a bit on how he’s going to act, he has constantly proven to be a mule that you can count on to be there to keep you safe time and time again, Jake is the kind of mule that is just 5 years old but has an “ old soul” or “ wiser beyond his years”. He has stood on picket lines with no trouble, hauls and loads the very best and Has patients, he has a nice long walk, smooth trot and a easy to sit canter. You cannot go wrong with this mule! Call Zach 513-508-3684. Located in Salyersville, KY.

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Loading My Buckshot is a coming 4 year old Buckskin and White double registered SSH gelding. Buckshot stands 15.1/15.2hh and is very stout built. Buckshot has been one of my personal horses this past year. I have hauled him all over trail riding and even showed him some back in the summer. Buckshot is one of those special horses you only come across a few times in a lifetime. He is phenomenally good gaited, very gentle, and truly one of the best trail horses I have ever sit on. Buckshot is a very sweet boy he loves to be groomed and petted on. Especially when treats are involved!! Buckshot is well beyond his years in maturity. He is very patient and very willing. He will stand tied as long as you need and never get upset. He has some of the best cross tie manners you will ever be around. Buckshot is easy to clip and wash. Easy to saddle and bridle and stands still to mount and always rides off slow and easy. Buckshot is extremely confident and will ride out with or without company. Rides anywhere in a group. No barn or buddy sourness at all. The group can leave you and he will act like nothing has changed. Buckshot is extremely good gaited like I stated earlier. He has a very nice ground covering running walk where he will shake his head with every stride and can move on out and rack if you ask him too. He is so natural and easy a caveman could gait him. Buckshot will seriously go wherever you point him without hesitation. We have rode him almost everywhere. Through town, down a main highway and I have had him on some of the roughest trails you could ever imagine. None of that phases him. He will just take everything with stride. He is a very easy going trail horse really likes to take his time and watch where he is going. This makes his very sure footed. He will cross all types of water, fallen trees and slippery rocks. He is 100% traffic and atv safe. He’s great around wildlife and livestock as well. If you are looking for a big pretty gelding to be your forever trail mount you will not find another like Buckshot. He’s got his whole life ahead of him! Please feel free to give me a call with any questions where we can Load Your very own Buckshot. Located in Mt. Vernon, KY. Call Dillion with any questions 606-308-2414.

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Mini Gypsy Vanners


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Price: set your own through Platinum Equine Auction

I am proud to introduce you to “Laura,” this is a mare the entire family can enjoy. Laura is 5 years old and stands 15.2hh, making her the perfect size for both kids and adult riders alike. Laura is a Percheron Quarter horse cross. She’s a stunning, bright bay with a unique blaze on her adorable face. Laura is expected to mature to about 16hh. This mare has a beautiful, stout, and shapey conformation. She has solid bone structure and great hooves! Laura is the ultimate teddy bear of a horse. She walks, trots, and canters with ease. She knows her leads and will pick up the canter from the halt and her breaks are good as well. She is like riding a couch, as she’s one of the smoothest girls you will sit on. Laura is a FUN LOVING GIRL, we have recently found she loves to take her people sledding and loves a good hack in the snow! She won’t complain if it’s cold or snowy out; she’s game to make the most of some fun winter activities. Laura also has extensive miles on the trails. Woods, water, cracking brush, traffic, wildlife, bikes, etc., she couldn’t care less! She’s a drop the reins, enjoy the scenery, kinda gal. She has also been started on basic dressage work and knows most lateral movements. She is soft thru the pole and listens well to seat and leg pressure. Laura also loves to jump. Over fences she holds a steady canter and helps her rider find a distance. Overall she’s more whoa than go. Now back to the fun loving part of this girl; we have dressed up in a blow up dinosaur outfit and she finds us quite funny as dino grooms, tacks, and rides her! Laura is a young girl with a stellar mind and a great start. She’s a true family horse: kids, hubbies, neighbors that can’t ride but know you have horses, this is the one. She has been doubling in our beginner lesson program and has proven to be steady going and dependable! If you want that all around, well broke, sensible, crossbred, please give Ellesse a call at 248-390-6831. Laura lives in Highland, Michigan 48356. She could also have some beautiful babies for you! Video is a must see.

Gordon is a 7 year old, Red Dun, Quarter Horse, gelding that stands 15hh with an excellent bone and foot. Gordon was started by a small youth rider when he was coming 3 and has been used by that youth rider ever since. When I say used, I mean he has had a job and been working for a living, just the way that we like horses to be used! Hes been out on a real ranch, checking fences, gathering cattle, doctoring sick ones and ponying colts and Gordon loves the outdoors and loves being ridden in big country. He is confident, sure footed and will pick his way through rough areas and walk right out. He will open and shut gates, cross creeks or rivers, is good alone or in a group, traffic and farm equipment safe, not scared of wildlife and is just a pleasure to ride across the ranch or down the trails. Not only is he good outside he will also ride good and proper in an indoor arena, he is soft in the face, takes both leads and rides correctly. He has roped cattle in the pasture and we have roped the hot heels with him. He has been sound and is blemish free. If you are needing a horse that multi-tasks take a look at Gordon! He is gentle, broke, not quirky, safe, sane, very experienced and ready for his new home… he checks all the boxes and you will agree he is a perfect 10/10! Call Shane with any questions 940-765-7177. Located in Sheffield, IA. Check us out on Facebook at West Fork Ranch.


Price: $13,000

Price: $12,000

Meet Bourbon!
Bourbon is a Belgian draft horse that is 16.3hh and 13 years old. Bourbon is a easy-going guy who enjoys a nice walk trot ride in an arena or out on the trails. Bourbon will counter when asked he is is more whoa then go. If you’re looking for a kid safe husband safe grandma safe horse bourbon is your guy. He is happy to pack around first time riders, timid riders, or inexperienced. He is a gentle boy who can take a joke. He is quiet and confident to ride alone or in a group and he will lead or follow. Bourbon is the type of horse you can let sit and he will be the same horse the next time you get on. He also has plenty experience driving carriages and is broke to all farm equipment. He will drive single or double and is easy enough for a first time driver to learn.

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Meet Max
Are you looking for a gentle, quiet, and beginner safe draft horse? Then Max is your guy! He is going to check off a lot of peoples boxes! Max is a been there done that boy who has seen it all and done it all. This handsome boy is a Belgian that stands 17.3hh and approximately 18 years old. Max is happy to do whatever you ask of him. He has a smooth and comfortable walk trot and canter. He knows his leads and rides around with ease! He is more whoa than go but will go through all of the paces when asked. Max will rides in a snaffle bit or in a halter and lead rope! He has great breaks and stands for mounting/dismounting, grooming, saddling, bridling, and bathing. He is no stranger to the trails either! Max enjoys a nice easy stroll through the woods and is happy to go where ever you point him! Nothing phases this boy! He is brave to lead or follow, he will ride out alone or in a group. Max also has plenty experience driving! This summer he worked many carriage jobs in downtown Detroit and driven around the farm as well. He has been driven most of his life and anybody can drive him! He is push button and knows his job keeping his passengers safe. He taught kids in summer camp how to drive. He’s had as young as 3 drive him! Max is broke to pull all farm equipment and drives single or double. Max is mom approved! He’s had riders as young as 3 ride alone and not being lead! Max is the perfect babysitter! Parents have no need to worry when it comes to Max! He gets along and plays nice with other horses too! If you’re looking for a horse that can sit for months and still be the same horse or teach you how to ride or drive then max is your guy. He’s the same horse day in and day out. I cannot say enough good things about him! You cannot go wrong with max! Snatch him up while he’s available because this perfect boy won’t be available for long! He’s the unicorn everybody is looking for!

We are proud to introduce you to “Al Night Invite” or Sherman as we call him for short. This is you chance to own a truly talented western pleasure horse! Sherman is a 2017 registered AQHA appendix gelding. He stand 16.1hh and is just as pretty as a picture in a magazine. Not only is this guy handsome he comes with a pedigree to match! Sherman has Invitation Only, Protect Your Assets, Good Asset and many more famous western pleasure bloodlines. He has the looks and the moves to draw attention in the show ring or anywhere you choose to take him. Sherman has some show experience in pleasure events and has the talent to potential to take his rider to the top of the western pleasure world. Sherman has the sweetest personality. He also has the most comfortable jog and lope you will sit on! He is happy to stand in cross ties to be groomed and saddled, he’s good for the farrier, stands well for bathing and mounting/dismounting. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to own such a talented gelding. He comes up to date on everything and has recent X rays. He’s only being offered for sale as his owner is unable to bring out his full potential as she’s dealing with back issues. Sherman could also make one Stellar Equestrian Team mount or just a great horse to have for fun!

Meet Mindy
Mindy is the sweetest mare that you will find! She is a stocky chestnut quarter horse draft cross with a beautiful blonde mane and tail. She is approximately 12 years old and 16.2hh. Mindy is a one of a kind! She rides and drives like a pro. She enjoys riding through the trails and has past experience of hauling all over the country riding through the woods. She has seen it all on the trails. Mindy is also great riding around the arena! She has a comfy and smooth walk trot and canter. She has beautiful and balanced moment. She likes a nice easy going ride. Mindy rides in any bit from a snaffle to any curb bit. She is easy to get along and is an uncomplicated girl. Mindy plays well with other horses of all ages, sizes, and breeds.


Magic's Walk the Line

Ever wanted your very own real life Breyer Doll that is living and breathing well here is your chance. Bonnie is a beautiful 14.2hh Dapple Grey mare that is just truly breathtaking. This mare is 1 in a million. Bonnie was bred to be pretty and gentle with a sire like Outlined in Silver and bred to be smooth gaited with a JFK bred mare… there really was no question how she would turn out. She has done a little bit of everything. She has been shown successfully for years. With several first place ties and even being the Bluegrass Walking horse association high point lite shod mare. We purchased Bonnie back in the early part of summer with all attentions of keeping her. But unfortunately things changed and have decided to sale her.
Since she has been here Bonnie has made a truly amazing all around horse. She is truly a horse you can lay off for months at a time. Catch her up and go enjoy her. We have had Bonnie trail riding all over. We have camped with her and had her in huge groups of horses and she was always perfect. She is very confident and will go wherever you point her. She is pretty gritty as well she is definitely a horse you can ride all day several days in a row. Bonnie is a forward moving horse but a very gentle forward horse. She will walk slow as you want or can cover some ground in a big flat walk if you ask her.
Bonnie has an amazing handle for a gaited horse. She will one hand neck rein around, stop on a dime and back the length of a barn. Everything with Bonnie is very easy you can ride her with very little effort and movement. She will ride off your legs. She is very responsive to your legs and seat. Bonnie is very very good gaited. One of the most naturally gaited horses you will ever sit on and very versatile. She will walk and shake her head or can move on out racking and never miss a beat all on 4 kegs shoes. She is very easy and anyone can make her gait.
Bonnie is super friendly and very easy to catch. She definitely has that in your pocket personality. She will even follow you around. Bonnie has perfect manners in the cross ties or tied out. She stands very quietly. She is easy to clip, bathe and groom. Great for the farrier and super easy to saddle and bridle. Bonnie also stands dead dead still to mount and rides off slow and easy.
Like I said earlier Bonnie is very confident. Ride her through town, down a busy road, across a wooden bridge, down the nastiest trail you can find and know you are taken care of. If Bonnie sounds like your Dream Horse please give me a call and let’s try to make this dream reality! Call Dillion at 606-308-2414 with any questions. Located in Mt. Vernon, KY.


Sunny Side

Lil Debbie

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Frenchman’s Q Dunnit is a 15.2hh, Golden Buckskin, 11 year old, Registered Quarter horse gelding. Frenchy was born and raised on a ranch and he was used around the ranch for various task from checking fences to herding and sorting cows. He has roped calves and drug them to the branding fire, doctored sick cattle, tugged bulls, pushed mad momma cows around, has been pasture roped off of and will trail a cow when in pursuit… he has a lot of cow sense! He has spent time penning cattle at a stockyards, been to some ranch sortings and also worked in several states. We just brought Frenchy back from a week long trip of penning bucking bulls at an auction in Oklahoma. Away from the ranch life Frenchy has been used as a trail horse, he has saw everything possible on the trails. He will cross creeks, ditches, logs and navigate rough rocky areas. He is safe in traffic safe whether that be trucks or cars. He has a very good handle, neckreins and spins both ways, will one step lope, slide stops, and backs. He has a nice western pleasure type of jog that is smooth to ride, his lope is slow and easy as well! Frenchy has been exposed to all kinds of wildlife such as deer or turkey or other animals like cows or dogs and will go anywhere that he is asked too. He has been rode many miles in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky and encountered every obstacle possible on the trail. He will go up or down even the steepest slopes, across deep creeks, over downed trees, and over all types of rough terrain while still being sure footed. Feel free to call Dallas 574-850-6744 with any questions! Located in Walkerton, IN.


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Steel is a 2016 Friesian Cross Gelding. He stands 15.2 hands. Gentle good looking friesian cross. He’s broke for any level rider. He likes to ride the trail, he will go where you want, cross water, logs, up down where ever you want to go. He’s solid in the arena- nice lope, smooth jog/trot and will turn around, stop and move off leg. He’s one that would make an excellent Fox Hunting horse, Trail horse, Weekend rides and possible dressage prospect. He’s been in harness and will pull a carriage or sleigh. He’s seen cows and won’t spook and get stupid around new things. Nice gelding perfect age and ready to make someone a happy horse owner. He’s good to shoe, stand, haul, good with other horses, does well in stalls or turned out. Easy one to have around with no drama. Stays broke and will be the same horse whether he’s ridden daily, once a week or once a month. FMI call RMO Horses (Joe) at 801-361-6772 Located in Midway, UT.

Frenchman's Q Dunnit

PPS Lad's Storm


Price: $7,000

Price: set your own through Platinum Equine Auction


“Jasper” is a 11 yr old 15.1 John Mule. He is an excellent trail mule and has covered hundreds of miles all across the US. He is as sure footed as they come, and I don’t think you could find rugged terrain that he cant handle with ease. He crosses water, logs, steep hills, and goes right through thick brush. He has been used for back country riding and packing. He has been exposed and an awesome start to gun training, plus has the potential to make an amazing hunting mule. He has a very smooth trot and canter and can really cover some ground comfortably with his running walk gait. Very easy to handle and get along with. Not quirky, or do you have to deal with silly business when riding or handling him. Loads and hauls with ease and great for tacking, grooming, bathing, clipping, and the farrier. Stands quiet for long periods of time. Jasper is a very seasoned trail mule who is looking for his next partner that will enjoy covering some miles with him. Please call or message for more information about this great trail mule! Call Cara Thomas 812-704-6388 with any questions. Located in Borden, IN.

Price: $5,800


Price: $8,500

Here at Blackstone Stables, we are proud to offer a variety of horses and ponies for sale, both to people in barn and out of barn. These horses have a wide variety of ages, abilities, knowledge, show experience, etc., but they are all absolutely fabulous equine companions! We also are constantly updating and adding new horses and removing sold horses from our website, so chances are that if the horse is still on the website, it’s still available! We try to put as much information as we can about each horse, as well as a video showcasing their skills. However, if you would like additional information, to see different skills in a video, or to schedule to come see the horse in person, please email us at and we could be more than happy to set this up for you! We aim to help you find an equine companion you are happy with and fits your needs, so if you are looking for something specific, please let us know and we could help guide you to what horses that we have available would best fit your needs! Happy horse shopping!

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Price: $16,000

Price: set your own through Platinum Equine Auction


Price: $7,500


Rick O Shay

8-Ball is a super stout built 15.1hh, 12 year old, Black Gelding. 8 Ball has been owned and ridden by a young man that was 10 years old. He has trail ridden 8 Ball in several states and used him around the familys feed lot. He has been trail ridden and has saw everything possible on the trails. He will cross creeks, ditchs, logs and navigate rough rocky areas. 8 Ball been used to sort and doctor cattle. He has is “cowy” and knows his way around them. He is safe riding in traffic safe. He has a smooth jog, a nice lope, has a quick stop, turns around and backs! 8 Ball is a confident horse on the trails and will lead the crew, head out alone or with no issues! He has been exposed to all kinds of wildlife such as deer or turkey or other animals like cows or dogs and will go anywhere that he is asked too. He has been rode many miles in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky and encountered every obstacle possible on the trail. He will go up or down even the steepest slopes, across deep creeks, over downed trees, and over all types of rough terrain while still being sure footed. 8-Ball is not cinchy, cold backed, does not crib or weave. Whether you are looking for a horse to haul from state to state and want to go see big country or if youve got a herd to tend too… 8-Ball will get the job done right! Feel free to call Parker with any questions at 319-242-2815. Located in Brodhead, KY.

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Here’s a rare chance to own 2 “Mini Gypsy Vanners” they mature to be adorable 12-13hh lightly feathered typey ponies. Both fillies are 8 months old and have just been weaned. They are now learning to lead and other big girl things! The sire is a black and white Grade Gypsy Vanner (his papers never came as promised) and the moms are pure Section A Welsh ponies out of imported stock. Both ponies were breed at mischief acers farms. The breeder is getting out of the business so these tiny dolls are being offered for sale! It’s an amazing cross that will mature into the ultimate all purpose kids pony! More pictures coming soon😊! Gypsy Xs are some of the coolest and most popular breeds around!

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Magic’s Walk The Line is a 15.1-15.2hh, 13 yr old, Black/White Tobiano Registered Tennessee Walking Hore Gelding! Magic has been trail rode all over Eastern Kentucky, Virginia, and West Virginia. He has been camping for 3-5 days each trip. He has been ridden as far west as California, been up north to Michigan and took a trip to South Carolina. He is easy to catch, clip, bath, tack-up, load, and handle. Magic will flatfoot walk but like to cruise on out in his silky smooth 4 beat gait and also has a nice lope!!! He has been ridden around farm equipment, ATV’s, over large noisy tarps and has also had guns shot off of his back. Just like everything we say about our horses, we have the videos to prove it, make sure to take a look at those on our website. No matter where he goes or what he does, Magic, not spooky acting. On the trails he is always great! Magic has been exposed to all kinds of wildlife such as deer or turkey or other animals like cows or dogs and will go anywhere that he is asked too. He has been rode many miles in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky and encountered every obstacle possible on the trail. He will go up or down even the steepest slopes, across deep creeks, over downed trees, and over all types of rough terrain while still being sure footed. He has been rode in traffic, and is very traffic safe around cars, semi, log, and dump trucks. He has a great personality and a great attitude about whatever he is asked to do. Feel free to call Trevor with any questions at 606-516-8069. Located in Whitley City, KY.

Financed Puddy

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CCR Diamonds and Guns

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Here’s the total package. Meet Edward! He is a 7 year old grade paint gelding standing 14.3 hands tall and weighing a full 1200 lbs. Edward is old school built with tons of frame and shape. He’s got good bone, a keen head, and a hip that’s out of this world. Besides all of his fancy looks, Edward is fancy broke. He’s got a SOLID one hand neck rein handle. All you have to do is lay your rein on his neck and he’s headed where you point him. One of the best assets Edward has is his smooth correct maneuvers. He has a beautiful seated trot and a rocking chair lope. He catches both of his leads on command and has a big deep stop. Edward had spent majority of his life working in the feedyards of West Texas. There he learned an exception work ethic where he was used daily to pull sick cattle, sort pen mixes, ship heavy cattle, and handle cattle during processing. He’s a veteran. There’s not a job he hasn’t seen or done in the yard. He’s also seen tons of miles outside. Edward knows how to stretch out and cover country in the pasture, but he’s always ready to dial right back down. We brag about these ranch horses day in and day out. The amount of riding they’ve experienced is unmatchable. Edward has outstanding ground manners. He puts his head down to bridle/halter him. Stands still for saddling, unsaddling, grooming, and mounting/dismounting. Edward has the disposition to match any level riders experience. He’s very forgiving with beginner riders but will always have the foundation a professional may need to go get a job done. Edward has been a reliable ranch gelding for us and we believe he will fit the bill for you also. He is 100% sound of eyes, wind, and limbs. Never cribbed or weaved. He’s perfect whether he’s in a stall or turned out. He gets along well with other horses and is easy to catch, handle, and be around. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a time to come try Edward don’t hesitate to call. He’s located in Amarillo, TX and we don’t mind holding him while hauling arrangements are made. Call Taylor at 806-654-5490 or Clay at 806-679-5883. We would love to visit with you about Edward.


Meet Sunny Side
She’s about 8 year olds 16.1hh TB mare. Sunny walk trot canters with ease. She’s got great transitions, push button lead changes and is absolutely as sweet as pie. Sunny marches right around hunter courses like an old pro! Her canter is smooth and steady around a course!! This is one you do not want to miss. The kids at the farm say she’s an absolute “blast”. She would be a great candidate for the hunter/jumper show world! She is ready to show and she sure will get you noticed in the ring!

Price: set your own through Platinum Equine Auction

Javi is a 7 year old, registered, bay gelding, standing 14.2hh. If your in the market for a flashy gelding who is laid back, but ready to work when you need him, Javi is your guy! This horse has been nothing short of amazing. He has been used all of the farm. Javi is confident around cattle making him a fun sorting and rope horse. He has been rode on trails and quick to cross any obstacle without hesitation or question. Javi has the kind of demeanor that makes him a great horse for many different riders and rider level. He is slow legged for the novice rider, but feeley enough for the advanced rider to go out and have some fun. We have used a bull whip and shot a gun off of Javi and is unshaken by both. He has a playful personality and enjoys being around people. He has quite the resume when it comes to tricks: playing soccer, laying down and sitting. Javi is the smoothest ride you will find at every gait. He is the favorite in our barn, especially for our 6 year old son. He has rode him outside, inside and pushed cattle on him. Javi is easy to catch, saddle and bridle, and one of the best things about him, he is the same horse everyday. Hot summer, cool fall, cold winter, we never have to question how he will ride off. Javi is that one in a million horse, he has all the look and a lot of ride. Located in Walkerton, IN. Laura Schleg 574-806-5327

Unique. Versatile. Safe. This is the one the whole family can enjoy. KitKat is a 2011 Pony Mare that stands at 12 hands. She is thick made with great conformation. KitKat has truly been there done that and has a fun, sassy personality. She rides like a big horse and will go all day long with the best of them. Not to mention she has the look no other pony has. She has seen the bright lights of Fort Worth, Texas, the mountains of Cody, Wyoming and the Green Mile in Pendleton, Oregon. She fits the absolute beginners on up to the more advanced kids that are ready to go somewhere and have some fun! One of the brokest ponies we have ever had, will walk trot and lope circles. She has spent the days at the ranch packing the little ones around and knows what a hard days work is. She has been to the Fort Worth Stockyards and rode through the busy streets of exchange. She has been rode english and started over fences with a 9 year old girl. She shows great promise for a future in hunter/jumpers because of her willingness and flashy movement. She is an extremely quick learner and has a great attitude when presented with new challenges. She does the barrels, the poles, she’s roped them dummy and you can even step off her for the goat tying. She knows all the playday events too. She has been on overnight camping trips and will pack anything you want with ease. She has even been tacked up with the harness and ground driven, would be easy to teach to drive. We have put her through multiple different obstacle courses going over wooden bridges, pulling logs, going over logs, has also went through creeks, & through town she is traffic safe, not afraid of machinery, dogs, cattle, goats, chickens or other livestock. Lots of kids have rode her around at all the many events we have hauled her to, she will leadline and follow like a dream. Just point and kick, she will go anywhere you want. She can sit for months, easy to catch and will ride off every time with zero issues. KitKat is an easy keeper all year whether it be in a stall or pasture, leads, loads, ties, hauls & tacks up well. No buck, kick, bite or rear. She does not require any special maintenance, has great feet & wears front shoes. She had a sound vet check done in December and has a current coggins. Any level of rider will be able to ride her and appreciate how unique and kind hearted this girl truly is! We have been grateful to own such a amazing pony but it is time to let another family enjoy her as much as we have. Call Robert 661-201-5575 with any questions. Located in Stephensville, TX.

Titan is a handsome palomino gaited gelding who is 12 years old and stands 15.2 hands tall. Titan is The been there fine that kind who has been across the United States trail riding. He has been to more has camps then most people get to enjoy! With that being said he’s a one heck of a trail mount, He is sure footed, handles the rough country with ease and makes for a very relaxing ride. Titan will walk peacefully until asked to gait, he doesn’t ever get fired up and does just like you ask him to. Located in Salyersville, KY. Call Zach for more info 513-508-3684

I’m excited to introduce you to Tulip. Tulip is nothing short of stellar in every possible way. She stands 16.3hh at 3 years old and is the most beautiful steel grey color that you will see. She has beautiful conformation to match her color, strong bones, a well developed top line, and solid hooves. Tulip is the definition of what a sport horse should be. Her mom is a Percheron and her sire is Beau Gesta by Contango. The Oldenburg lines are nothing short of exceptional. When you cross this with a percheron, you truly get the best of both worlds; the size, the sensibility, the athleticism, attitude, confirmation, and movement. I have owned many of her siblings, who have matured to be exceptional show horses in dressage, hunters, fox hunting, and eventing. Back to Tulip, this mare is like riding a couch! She has 3 lovely gaits, a ground covering walk, a floaty trot, and the most rhythmical canter you will ever dream of in a 3 year old. She has natural flying changes both directions. You could spend thousands of dollars in training on a different horse attempting what comes very natural to her. Tulip is soft and light in your hand, moves on and off seat and leg with ease, and is very supple in her movements. She knows all lateral movements. Tulip is so in-tune with her rider you can pull the bridle off and walk trot canter even pop over a jump using just your seat and leg. This mare is sharp as a tack but yet gentle as a kitten. She’s also started over fences and jumps around in a natural hunter rhythm. She’s schooling approximately 2’3” to 2ft 6” as we have started slow due to size and age. She will be someone’s 3’6” horse in no time. To add to her resume, this girl has lots of miles on the trails and woods, water, brush, and wild life are all no problem! She’s attended a few hunter paces and shows potential as a top hunt horse. Tulip has also carried the flag in a local parade and she takes commotion in stride. She’s been exposed to tarps, balls, and even a blow up T-Rex and let me tell you, T-Rex can spook some of the calmest horses. I can go on for hours about how fantastic she is but I’ll stop here so you can enjoy the video, as she speaks volumes for herself. This video features multiple rides from professionals, to kids, to one into western! You do not have to be a professional to get along with her! She is eager, willing to please, and will take a joke. Lastly, this beautiful girl would be a prime addition to a breeding program as she will produce top sport horse babies. Please call Ellesse 248-390-6831 to talk. Tulip lives in Highland, Michigan 48356

Price: set your own through Platinum Equine Auction

Price: set your own through Platinum Equine Auction

Double K Equine is offering this gorgeous liver chestnut/Chocolate draft cross gelding, Muffin. He has the kindest eye with a gorgeous flaxen mane and tail. Muffin is so spectacular that we can’t even put it into words! He is 9 years old and stands every bit of 16.1 hands and weighs 1750lbs! This is the most gentle giant you can ever find. This cool guy can be rode by all aged riders, he’s just that easy! Muffin walk, jogs, trots, and lopes both directions with ease. Neck reins and moves off leg pressure very well. He loves to spend a day on a nice long trail ride. There is no care in the world about anything along the way with this one. He crosses anything you point him into or across, water, logs, ditches etc. Muff has spent some time on a dude ranch in Colorado taking lots of different riders through the mountains. He has even been in a few parades, you can’t show him something he hasn’t seen! Muffin is always the first to greet you in the pasture, so have cookies ready! He jumps right into any trailer, self loads and unloads as he loves going places. He stays fat off air it seems and is a super easy keeper for a big horse. Stands like a gentleman for the farrier and vet. You can shoe him or leave him barefoot. Muffin is the perfect family gelding, he is very quiet and gentle with the kids no matter what size they are. We are located in Pilot Point Texas, any bidders are more than welcome to come see him and we do set up FaceTime viewing as well. We also has top notch, DOT approved, reputable haulers that go all over the country. For more information on Muffin, please call or text 817-659-3778

Gunner is a 13 year old gelding! He stands a stout 15 hands! Gunner originally came from the west where he spent his days working for a living on a cow calf operation and the stockyards a couple days a week! Gunner has a sweet handle and a walk that can cover some ground! This gelding is big enough to do a days work! He has saddle stamps on his withers and has the ride to go along with them! Gunner is gentle to be around! He stands still when tied and saddles up perfectly! Since he has been in Kentucky he has made a great trail mount! He loves the woods for pleasure riding but also will go do a days work!! We have had him around our cattle and also used him to get horses up off of pasture! Gunner is a very pretty buckskin color with a big foot and bone and he is put together like everyone wants a working horse to be! If you are looking for a horse to go work cows on in the morning and end your day with an easy trail ride this is your man! Don’t miss out on this great gelding! Located in Rineyville KY. Call Clayton 270-766-2641

Price: $10,000




Price: set your own through Platinum Equine Auction

Price: set your own through Platinum Equine Auction



8 Ball

Dollar Blues

Price: set your own through Platinum Equine Auction

Yellow Buck Hancock “Simba” is a 2017 Reg AQHA, Palomino Gelding, standing 15H tall. Simba is a fancy, fun, friendly, all-around kind of gelding. He is 5 years old stands 15h and is gentle. We have ridden Simba everywhere. He rides quiet down the trail, goes everywhere without hesitation and goes the speed you ask. We have put in a day’s work gathering cattle and loading out trucks. Simba is willing to roll with whatever you have planned for the day. He lopes pretty circles around the arena, has a big stop and rides around one handed. We really like the mind set of Simba; he carries the flag, doesn’t mind ropes or the tarp all over him. He loves to push the big ball around the arena playing soccer, or bouncing it with a friend. Simba moves off leg pressure, rides low headed and is soft in the bridle. He has been ridden through water, across bridges, and watches where he puts his feet in any terrain. We really enjoy everything about him. Simba comes up to you in the pasture, is easy to catch and always looking for attention. He has great ground manners. We have ridden him in town, by the highway, around dogs and he isn’t phased by any of it. Simba is stout made with good foot and bone to last a lifetime. He is good in a stall or out to pasture with other horse. Simba stands to be bathed, for the farrier, stands tied, to be groomed and saddled. He jumps right in the trailer and hauls great. Simba is an outstanding gelding that is fun and easy to ride and gorgeous to look at. FMI Call (406)897-4717 videos on CS Performance Horses on Facebook.

Blackstone Stables

Price: set your own through Platinum Equine Auction

Dexter is an absolutely adorable, grade, paint, gelding. Dexter has an adorable head, kind eye and flaxen mane and tail. He stands right at 14.1 hands and is 10 years old. Dexter is extremely quite and patient when being tied. He is very fun to be around and enjoys being groomed. He is gentle and sweet to work with on the ground! Dexter has not spent much time in the arena as he has mostly been a trail horse. He was trail ridden the last couple years by a young woman, but due to taking on more responsibility with her job, he had to go to a new home. Dexter has mostly been ridden on group trail rides and does very well. He has ridden on all types of terrain and is sure-footed. He shows promise when ridden in the arena, but would need more work and prefers and excels being outside. Dexter prefers to walk and jog vs. lope. Dexter is 100% sound. We can help coordinate shipping all over the United States! Anyone that is interested in setting up a time to come and test ride Dexter can call Jared at 563-543-6355. He is located in Bernard, Iowa. We would be happy to give you a list of local Veterinarians to anyone interested in getting their own PPE or x-rays of Dexter. For more videos and pictures please like Jared Meyer Performance Horses. Please call Jared at 563-543-6355 with any questions on Dexter!

DSC IM DUN PLAYING or “Rebel” is a registered 2019 AQHA palomino mare. She is by PLAY RED RENO and out of DSC DUNS AND ROSES. Rebel is a solid and stocky 14.3hh and should mature to 15hh. She is UTD on shots, worming, teeth, and farrier. She had her teeth checked in the middle of November and the vet said she was good. She is great for the vet and farrier. She is a farriers favorite and stands like a true lady letting him work. Rebel is a calm and sensible filly. She has A+ barn manners. Easy to lead and to handle. She will meet you at the gait and is easy to catch. She cross ties or will tie to a post. She enjoys love, attention, and treats! Rebel can live outside with mares and geldings or she would do well in a stall. Rides in a snaffle bit or halter and lead rope and has a soft mouth. She has not made one miss move! She is learning to collect and move off of leg pressure. She is a quick and willing learner. Rebel likes to please her rider. She acts wise beyond her years and has loads of potential. She rides great outside or inside. She would make a great barrel horse, reining horse, cow horse, or trail horse. Rebel could go in any direction you wanted to take her. Rebel is so calm and quiet that she has been working in our beginner lesson program. She is good with the kids. She is more whoa than go. She has always been a pleasant girl and a joy to work with!


Price: $7,000

For Sale...

My family and I would like to introduce a once in a life time Friesian gelding. Meet PPS LAD’S STORM AKA LEGEND. Legend is a very beautiful, dazzling 6 coming 7 year old gelding. Legend stands 16 hands tall and weighs 1250 lbs. He has a beautiful luscious black coat, great mane and tail, and feathers to die for. Legend truly lives up to his name! Our 2 year old daughter can go in the stall or the pasture with legend, and he slowly walks up to her and puts his head down for her to pet him. Legend will ride English and western, and was used for jumping when he was 3-4 years of age. He stands to be tied, saddled, bridled, clipped, bathed, mounted and dismounted. You don’t have to be a rockstar rider to ride legend, however he will make sure you and himself look like one! He has a great walk, trot, and a beautiful collective cantor. Legend has a nice soft neck rein, has a great stop and side passes also. Legend has been on numerous overnight camping trips across the country. He stands tied to the picket lined over night without any fuss or havoc. Legend will ride out alone or in a group he doesn’t care if he’s is in the front, back, or middle. Legend will go through water, mud and crosses fallen logs, We have had deer jump out and turkeys fly up in the woods in which Legend could care less what comes in front of him. He will go through any obstacle in his way without hesitation. Legend will go up and down the rough, steep terrain with every step being careful and sure footed. Legend also drives!!!!! He stands to be harnessed and to be hitched up to the cart. My family and I have driven legend on the main highway, in parades and in the city downtown where he loves to go because he gets all the hugs and scratches he wants. We have checked cattle on legend, ridden fences even roped off of him , he literally does not care what you do with him he aims to please his rider. He has had guns fired around him, fireworks going off while we were riding and driving him. He is 100% safe safe. Legend is 100% sound with current X-rays and PPE. The vet said he was the best looking horse she had seen in a while. We could go on and on on how much legend is adored. If your looking for a rockstar gelding who is the absolute same every time you ride or drive him, do not pass Legend up. I’m telling you, he is a true unicorn!!!!

Price: set your own through Platinum Equine Auction

I am proud to offer Sweet Angel for sale. Angel is a Dutch mare who stands 16.2hh at 8 years old! Now let’s talk about looks… this girls got them; she’s a beautiful liver chestnut with 4 full stockings, a big blaze, and a bit of white on her belly! She has great up hill conformation. Now on the ground her manners are an A+. She stands cross tied, ground ties, and pickets. She adores people and attention and will allow you to dote all over her. You wouldn’t know she’s a mare unless you looked. Angel has been trained to ride and drive and has had liberty work done with her. She’s as sharp as a tack and always aims to please. She can lay down, sit, bow, count, and say yes and no on command! Under-saddle this ones a dream ride. She’s an expressive mover. She has a beautiful walk, a floaty trot, and her canter is just delightful to sit to! Angel also jumps and let’s talk about scope… she’s got it! She’s schooling 3ft and can easily take you to 3’6”. She’s not one to shy from new jumps or new locations. She has an excellent character and always comes out with a willing attitude to work! Angel has loads of miles going cross country and she’s a blast to take out in the fields! She’s seen some of Michigan’s most beautiful trails and hunt country. She’s also broke to drive and is traffic and road safe. This girl is stunning to look at but she’s got no issue doing a days work. She has been exposed to cattle, goats, and chickens. She’s been used to move cows and various other chores on around the farm. If you are looking for a great horse to do dressage, eventing, fox hunting, or just a fun hunter or trail mount you have found THE one.

Price: $10,000

Meet Nike
Nike is just a 10 year old who stands 15hh. He is a beautiful sorrel quarter gelding with the cutest face marking looking like the Nike symbol! Nike lacks in nothing! He is Athletic, has great conformation, a calm disposition, and is sensible. Nike is well muscled, has a kind eye, and he is an easy keeper! He rides both English and western and there’s nothing this boy has said no to. He will walk, trot, canter with excellent transitions both upward and down. Nike is happy to ride in any bit he is not picky. He also jumps in great form as well! He has been lightly started over fences. Nike is no stranger to the trails! He is a trail master, anywhere you want to take him to the woods, water, traffic, or wildlife, he couldn’t care less! This is a horse the whole family can enjoy! Nike would also make a great show horse for any discipline from western, English, hunter jumper, dressage, 4h, or equestrian team!

Esmeralda is a uniquely marked gypsy/shire mare standing 15.1 hands with a solid build. She is 4 years old with a great personality! She is an absolute powerhouse with unbelievable suspension and extension she literally floats and flies above the ground, and loves to jump! While her sporty package looks fabulous, she also enjoys long hacks and trail rides. You can take Esmeralda out alone or in a group just point and go! She is an easy keeper, strong top line, round and well built hind end, solid clean legs. She loves attention, enjoys baths, stands for the vet and farrier, hauls without a problem. Esmeralda has been rode by experienced children out on the trails and over cross rails. She is easy to ride loves water, crosses whatever is in front of her, takes her leads very easy to navigate, nice woah, and a easy one hand neck rein. Esmeralda is great with all farm machinery, dogs, and other livestock. Esmeralda has been a barn favorite and truly a one of a kind! If you have any other questions I would gladly help please call/text Jeanette at 304-350-2902. Located in Mcveytown, Pennsylvania.

Price: set your own through Platinum Equine Auction

Price: set your own through Platinum Equine Auction

Willow is a 8 yr old Friesian mare. This stunning lady is 15.3 hands high and easy on the eyes! She rides English or western. Been on a ton of trail rides and been in a couple shows. She gets along with the other horses and is not marish. You can catch her anywhere that you find her. She’s a in your pocket type horse. Stands to be bathed clipped and tacked up. If you don’t wanna ride that’s ok, too you can drive her instead! She is not spooky and is uncomplicated to ride! She truly is a beautiful animal! Call Ben Hall at 814-979-2046 for more info. Located in Everett PA 15537.



MIDNIGHT is a 2009 registered Gelding standing 15h tall if you are looking for a all around broke Gelding look no further he is the one. from trailing Riding to arena work he does it all!! In the last year we have rode him on a lot different trails to hauling him to different arena’s loads like a Champ stands quite at the trailer and in the trailer… stands to bath clip farrier crosses water logs tarp bridges. Any one can ride this horse form beginners to adults he is not one that has to be ridden every day let him sit for a week or two get him out and go on a relaxing trail ride.. for more information contact No Reins Performing Horses (Ezra) 330 600 5459. Located in Fredricksburg, OH.

“Beyoncé” is a beautiful 5 yr old Norwegian Fjord, that stands 14.1 hands and is as stout and thick as you would want her. For those not to familiar with the Norwegian Fjord Horse, they are not a specialized breed, but one that can be used for a variety of activities. Fjords come from a ‘jack of all trades’ background. The versatility of the breed is an important trait. Dressage, pleasure riding, pleasure and combined driving, Western performance, trail riding, packing, jumping, eventing, vaulting, light draft work, games, and therapeutic riding are just some of the uses of the modern Fjord. Their temperaments are what truly endear people to them. Fjords are very people-orientated and seek out human attention, they have great charm and intelligence. Beyoncé is a shining example of her breed in appearance, versatility, athleticism, and temperment. She is young, healthy, and has her whole life ahead of her to go in any direction her owner wishes. She was started slow and right and allowed to fully mature before doing hard work. She has a great foundation of groundwork, and has been worked through many desensitizing exercises. She works in the arena well, and rides both western and English. W/T/C with no issues, both in and out of the arena. We have primarily been trail riding her, and she is already a solid trail horse. She is very trusting of her rider and will go where you point her. Logs, steep and rough terrain, creeks, rivers, thick brush all are no problem and she easily and confidently rides right through. She is a water bug and loves to go swimming, and stands great for baths and being sprayed with the water hose. Beyoncé hauls very well and is great at going new places. We have spent several long weekends out with her at various campgrounds. She stands quiet at the hitch rails and on a high line while your camping. She is wonderful in the barn and has great stall manners. No vices, or bad habits and is very easy to take care of. She loves her turn out but is always quick to meet you the gate cause she knows her routine and likes being with people. Great for grooming, farrier, tacking, and stands tied both to the wall and cross ties quietly. Beyoncé is ready to find her new home, where she can continue being a trail horse or can go on and further her training and become more specialized in any event or events you want! Don’t hesitate to give us a call to learn more about this exceptionally sweet and friendly mare! Cara Thomas 812-704-6388. Located in Borden, IN.


“Financed Puddy” is a 15 hand 2009 sorrel AQHA gelding. Affectionately know around the Barn as “Chili”. His pedigree is jammed packed with Million dollar earners and producers, multiple hall of famers, and World Champions. He is an own son of Athena Puddy Cat (LTE: $282,636 and sired earners of over 1.6 Million). His grand sire High Brow Cat needs no introduction as his offspring have earned over $87 Million and he has had the biggest impact on the cutting horse industry of any stallion in the sports history. Tamulena, Doc O’Lena, and Freckles Playboy are just a few other noteworthy sires on this star studded pedigree.
“Chili” is a prime example of his breeding. He displays tons of cow sense, athleticism, versatility, good minded, soundness and longevity. He has carried both entry level and pro riders to multiple big wins in Ranch horse, Sorting, Team penning and roping. You really are not limited to just one event with this guy, he can easily do it all and do it well. This past year we have really been focusing on Sortings and he is solid! You can count on him for a good consistent ride every time. He works the hole very well, and can push cows out of the herd effectively and easily. Chili has been great for allowing us to use him for introducing new riders to sorting and helping grow this sport we all love.
As proven as he is in competition and the show ring he has the grit and stamina to do a full days work on the ranch. Opening gates, doctoring calves, sorting pairs, are just a few of the things he is no stranger to. He is a great equine partner that you can trust and depend on and is a huge asset to any ranch or farm operation.
For those just looking for that safe and reliable trail family horse to enjoy riding around the farm, down the road or out on the trail, no worries, he can do that too! Chili is not just an all work and no play type horse. He has the sweetest personality and disposition, jump on him bareback with a halter and lead rope! He is definitely a barn favorite, easy for anyone to ride and get along with, your farrier will love him, stands patiently for:grooming, bathing, and tacking. Loads and hauls great!
Chili has been a dream to own, but with so many young horses and prospects coming up we are offering him for consideration in hopes that he finds another home that will love and cherish him as much as we do. He is a great all around family horse that can work, show and then just relax down the trail with. For more information please call or message. We welcome anyone to come out and meet this great guy in person! Call Cara Thomas 812-704-6388 for more info. Located in Borden, Indiana.

CCR Diamonds and Guns is a TOP bred gelding being a son of Whiskey and Diamonds, with Top Sail Whiz and Shining Spark on the top side of his pedigree and Gunnatrashya, Colonels Smoking Gun and Smart Chic Olena on the bottoms side! Wow what a Horse. Gunner is not only a Gorgeous chestnut gelding that stands a solid 15H, weighing 1150lbs but he has all the training to go with his looks. If you are looking for that ideal family horse Gunner is your boy he is very uncomplicated to ride an can be ridden by all levels of riders. He is ready to do the job of your choice weather its in the show ring, on the ranch, on the trails or babysitting your kids he can do it all! Gunner has a Beautiful spin and a big stop he also has great lead departures an is started on lead changes. He has also been out on the state road an been in traffic , as well as he’s seen numerous different obstacles and handles everything like a champ! Gunner has also been used to perform in front of a crowd up to 3,000 plus people while being ridden by a 7yr old boy this young horse truly is a saint! Gunner is healthy and very sound, he has great barn manners an is also great turned out in the pasture with other horses. It doesn’t matter if you leave him set for 2 weeks or 2 months he will always be the same. PPE and X-rays are available to view at your request. Don’t miss out on this truly special one of a kind gelding with the best personality you can find!
Located in Millersburg, OH.
Contact info: Nathan 330-600-5770