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I would like to introduce you to Diamond. Here’s a horse where style and sensibility meet. He carries himself with style, elegance, and grace while being alert and confident. He is a true example of a sport horse (He is by Fusilier a Cleveland Bay and crossbred dam) He stands a solid strong-boned 16.2 at 6 years old. His gaits are smooth, fluid, steady, and rhythmical. He is light on his feet and athletic. Diamond is an absolute puppy to be around. He has a curious yet respectful disposition on the ground. He is one of the most beautiful horses you will see. He’s a traditional bay with a hind sock and a perfect star on his forehead. Diamond has had some basic dressage training. He moves off the seat and leg. He has a soft mouth and easily gives to the bit while being soft thru his pole. Diamond has a quiet walk, a floaty trot, and the most comfortable rocking horse canter you will find. He’s an absolute joy to ride and watch go! He knows his leads and his transitions both upward and down are effortless. He Has great self-carriage and a very adjustable stride. We have recently started him over feces and not only does he jump in great form he’s super quiet to the jumps and holds a nice Rhythm. This boy has 3ft potential. Diamond has also been ridden on the trails and is not one to shy from anything. He absolutely loves adventures! He will ride in a group or alone. He will go over steep hills thru water including swimming in the river and even down the road. He has been on several hunter paces as well! This gelding has stellar movement, conformation, and a brain to match! He will turn heads anywhere you go. He has also been driven down the road and around the farm. He is traffic safe. He will excel as a trail horse, a dressage horse, a fox hunt horse, over fences or in harness. 

​Miss Dayton

Meet Cheesecake! This 9 year old 16.1hh Percheron Paint Cross mare is as sweet as her name implies. She is a solid made girl with thick bone structure and solid hooves. She has a beautiful black coat with just enough white to be noticed. Cheesecake is a take your time kinda gal. She comes equipped with both excellent up and down transitions. She’s been ridden English, Western, and even bareback. If you can climb on her, she will gladly teach you to ride! She will stand like a statue wherever you ask her to. She has seen most of Michigans trails and loves to take in the views. She’s been ridden on the road and is traffic safe. Cheesecake has seen the woods, been swimming in the river, encountered wildlife, and many other obstacles. She will lead the way or fall back and be the caboose. Her gaits are all smooth and steady, she’s about as comfortable as your favorite recliner. She’s also broke to drive and you can hook her up to anything and drive her anywhere. Cheesecake is the type who has been there and done it. She’s ready to teach her person the ropes. This girl is as solid as a rock! Enjoy her video and take note of the various riders and locations! 

Auction closes: November 27 at 8pm, 2022 

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Auction closes: December 3, 2022 

Price: $5,000



All horses are located in Highland, Michigan 



Budweiser called! One of their horses could be standing in your barn! Meet Allumettes Nora. Nora is a 14 year old registered Clydesdale mare who stands 17.2hh. She is a Canadian import who is by Green Leaf Catalyst (Green Leaf Reflection) and out of SCA Tip Guns Fancy Pants (Twin Creek Victors Top Guns). This mare has phenomenal bloodlines. She was shown as a yearling in hand and as the lead horse in a unicorn hitch. Every bit of Nora is FANCY! She also has many miles driving single. She’s been used for everything from ladies cart classes to giving city rides and parades. Nora could continue in show in harness and excel or continue work as a carriage horse. But if you’re looking for a riding horse then Nora has got you covered! She is delightful to ride undersaddle english or western. Nora walk trot and canters around like a dream. Her canter is as smooth as a rocking horse and the type of canter you could ride all day! She knows both her leads and has good breaks. She is happy to work or is willing to take things slow. Nora gets along well with all types of riders. She rides in the arena, in the field, and out on the trails. On the ground this girl is as loving as can be. Nora will come and meet you at the gait and will stand to be pet on for hours. She has great barn and ground manners. Nora is what you call a gentle giant. Don’t let her size fool you, she is as sweet and kind as a puppy. Make Nora your next show horse or take her home for your family to enjoy! You don’t see many like her! She is a hard one to beat. 

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Blue Jeans

Price: $17,000

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Sunny is as cute as they come. This painted gelding is 13.2hh and 9 years old. He is an absolute doll to catch groom and handle. He will be any kiddo's best friend! Sunny is a fancy mover and has what it takes to make it in the hunter jumper ring! Sunny walk trot and canters with flying lead changes and has good breaks. He has the most comfortable uphill canter you will find. He has a natural talent and love when it comes to jumping. He is not one to say no, point sunny at a jump and he will take you to the other side. Sunny is a very fast learner. He picks up on new things with ease. He has a sweet and kind disposition. Sunny is also a lovely trail pony. Take him out in the woods, through the fields, out in the water! He is game for anything! This boy is so willing and one you can count on every time. Currently, Sunny is working in a lesson program teaching all types of riders. Sunny is a fun boy and has quickly become a favorite at the farm.

Price: $9,500

Price: $20,000


I’m excited to introduce you to Dee! This horse is 100% THE type. He’s 13 years old and stands a solid 14.3hh and is as wide as a tank. He’s a beautiful 75% paint 25% draft cross. He’s got solid bone structure and nice big feet (he’s ok barefoot). Dee has many miles on the trails. He’s a total boss outside. He’s happy to lead the way, trail blaze a new path, cross down trees, water, and brush. He’s been ridden out in the fields and has encountered all kinds of wild life such as deer, Turkey vultures, dogs, cattle and even hogs. He’s a bold and brave guy who will go where you point him as calm as can be. He’s worked on a ranch checking fence and moving cows. He’s been camping and picketed and has seen just about every state and metro park in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa. On the ground Dee is a a total doll. This boy has A+ manners and absolutely loves people and attention. He stands where ever you tie him. He will wait patiently for hugs, carrots and any attention you want to give. He also stands for tacking, untacking, mounting and dismounting. He will work in an arena doing walk trot and canter. He knows his leads and has great breaks. Overall he’s more whoa than go. This is the rare type that is quiet enough for the kids but big enough for dad. And you sure don’t need to be a cowboy to look like one while riding Dee! Yes he loads, hauls well, stalls, and gets along with the others outside. Enjoy the video!

Kid Tested & Momma Approved!! This is the confidence-boosting unicorn we all want to have in our barn. We would like you to meet Fido! He has quickly become a favorite around the barn. He’s a chunky made 12.2 6-year-old paint gelding. His color pattern is extremely eye-catching as he’s got a Black and white mane and tail, and a stunning painted coat. Fido is broke to both ride and drive. He has done everything from local shows to weekend trail riding in the woods. He swims down the kayaking river, carried a flag in local parades, and has been a part of a drill team. Fido has a great walk a smooth trot and a delightful canter with flying changes!! He responds very well to a simple kiss, cluck, seat, and leg pressure.  He is a total doll on the ground. You can catch him anywhere tie him groom him tack him clip bath him and he loves every minute of your attention. Fido is not the type to notice or spook at much of anything. He’s been exposed to traffic woods water wildlife and all other everyday things you may encounter while out riding. Fido will navigate a full course of jumps both inside and out with no hesitation. He jumps in great style and holds a nice canter up to the jumps. Fido also rides western he will move off your seat leg and neck rein right around for you. He has been to local barrel races and has competed in poles, and barrels with a 9-year-old. Fido is a fun fun fun guy who rides as smoothly and easily as any big horse you will find. He’s sturdy enough for adults but small enough that kids can easily care for and ride him. His video is a must-see and a compilation of clips with various riders! We hope you enjoy it! 

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Price: $8,500      SALE: $6,800 

Price: $8,000            SALE: 6,400

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Here at Blackstone Stables, we are proud to offer a variety of horses and ponies for sale, both to people in barn and out of barn. These horses have a wide variety of ages, abilities, knowledge, show experience, etc., but they are all absolutely fabulous equine companions! We also are constantly updating and adding new horses and removing sold horses from our website, so chances are that if the horse is still on the website, it’s still available! We try to put as much information as we can about each horse, as well as a video showcasing their skills. However, if you would like additional information, to see different skills in a video, or to schedule to come see the horse in person, please email us at and we could be more than happy to set this up for you! We aim to help you find an equine companion you are happy with and fits your needs, so if you are looking for something specific, please let us know and we could help guide you to what horses that we have available would best fit your needs! Happy horse shopping!




Are you looking for Mr. Dependable? Safe steady, quiet, willing, and sweet? Meet Blue Jeans he’s a 6-year-old, 17hh beautiful true blue roan Percheron QH cross. Blue Jeans is something special to look at as he has a stunning blue roan coat, a long wavy mane, and a thick tail match. This boy has a puppy dog personality and takes everything in stride. Nothing seems to phase Blue Jeans and he is always one to go with the flow. He is a fantastic all-around horse and will excel in anything you throw at him! Blue Jeans has done and seen a lot of different things. He has been hauled all over the state of Michigan to trail rides through state and metro parks. He is happy to trail ride through the woods alone or with friends. He stays calm cool and collected walking through water brush or over logs. In fact, Blue Jeans loves swimming in the water! He’s been in the river with the kayaks and couldn’t care less! At home, he easily walks, trots, and canters around the arena and knows both his leads. He is soft in the mouth with good breaks. He is responsive to your leg and seat and has learned all the fancy moves! Blue Jeans is safe for just about anyone to ride! He’s had a wide range of riders. Riders from 7 to 70 years old have plotted along with Blue Jeans. He has worked in our summer camp program and is always a favorite. He is more whoa than go, making him perfect for any beginner! He can take a joke and takes good care of his rider. Blue Jeans would also be a great fit for someone who has experience and is looking for a fun ride or a horse to show. He has been jumping around and doing so in excellent form! He will jump inside and out and is not one to shy from any fence. Blue Jeans has carried the flag, been roped off, worked the cattle, and been driven. In 6 years this boy has done more than most older horses! You cannot beat his temperament! He recently attended his 1st fox hunt and handled it like a champ! Blue Jeans has it all from looks to versatility to a quiet demeanor. He would make one heck of an all-around family horse, a show horse, a pleasure-driving horse, or a stellar hunt mount! Enjoy the video and take note of the many riders of all ages sizes and abilities that have ridden him. You don’t need to be a professional to look like one while on this boy!!

Price: $8,500

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This is a hard pony to let leave our farm. Meet Bubblicious or as we call him Bubby! This 5-year-old 13.1hh medium pony gelding is every trainer, kid, and parent's dream. He’s a unique Dun color with some zebra striping on his legs, a dorsal stripe down his back, and the cutest white marking on his face. He has one brown eye and one blue. Bubby has nice solid conformation with good bone and muscle while being refined enough to compete in the best company. He has great feet and is barefoot. Bubby loves people and there’s nothing this boy won’t do for a cookie! He comes right up to you in the field, leads easily for the kids, and ties where ever you tie him. He stands to be groomed, bathed, for the farrier and the vet. He will hop on and off any trailer and the best part is when you arrive at the show you can hop on and he will ride around as though he’s lived at that facility forever. He has zero spook. If you can steer him to the jump he will get you to the other side. On the same note if you can steer him to the corner he will gladly swap his lead for you. He’s a point-and-shoot kind of guy. Bubby is loaded with personality on the ground, making him a favorite. He has spent his summer showing in the short stirrup and novice pony divisions, working summer camp, and hitting the trails. He will ride out in the woods, down the road, and through the fields. He loves an adventure. Bubby is the type to take you from walk trot to the open divisions. He has been ridden by some of the tiniest riders and he knows how to trot like a snail for them but will gladly move out a little more for the bigger kids. He has 3 easy gaits, good breaks, and amazing flying changes. He is only being offered for sale as we do not have a ridder in our barn for him. 

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I’m excited to introduce you to Moonshine. Talk about a horse. This boy stands a solid 15.3hh at 6 years old and has amazing bone structure and conformation. He is made with as much shape as anyone would expect. Moonshine was born and raised in Montana. He is 75% quarter horse and 25% Percheron giving him all the athletic abilities you may want with a little extra size and sensibility.  He has a long natural wavy mane and a tail as thick as most Gypsy’s. When the sun hits him he’s covered in dapples. Moonshine is about as handy as a John deer gator, and you don’t have to know much to look as though you have been riding for years when you climb on his back. He has a nice working walk, and a beautiful trot, and will lope pretty circles on either lead all day if that’s what you like. He’s got a big stop and will ride one-handed.  He will ride in a shank bit but he is so soft in the mouth and thru the pole, a simple snaffle will do the trick as well. Moonshine is a fun ride but he’s also a great confidence booster and teacher. This boy has spent countless hours on the trails, in the mountains, and working cows on the ranch. He’s been out hunting as well. You can rope him off, gather the cows, take him out to check the fence or you can enjoy a ride. He’s been hauled all over for camping trips. Yes, he ties like an old pro anywhere you put him. He’s been in the woods, water, and down the road. Recently he’s started some dressage training and is schooling 1st-level movements and seems to really enjoy it. We have also taken him out on a hunter pace and introduced him to our local hunt country. He’s a smart, level-headed boy who will make any rider look good. This is not the type you see every day, one with the looks, the rideability, and experience. Moonshine loves other horses and ponies and gets along great with them. He’s easy in the barn and has perfect manners. Enjoy the video he sells himself. 

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Meet Riddles Stumptown Farm Abigail or as Abby as we call her for short. Here’s a mare who is sweet, kind, gentle, and loving. Abby is a jet black stocky and strong percheron mare that stands 16.3hh at 16 years young. She is registered with the Percheron Horse Association of America and has a Stellar pedigree. She goes back to M.Gs Prince and Pleasant View King. With age comes experience in her case. If your looking for a horse to teach you, one who can sit for months and then go for a ride or a drive or the ultimate confidence boost this is the one. She is as sweet as can be, easy to catch, and soaks up all the love and attention you give her. She easy to lead and handle on the ground at all times and is respectful of your space. Abby walk trot and canters (with encouragement) well in the arena or out on the trails. She is confident in the woods and isn't scared of things you come across on the trails. You can ride alone or in a group. She is super smooth and very easy to ride. You don't need to know much to be able to ride her. She is beginner safe, kid safe, and husband safe. She has a calm and chill demeanor. She is more whoa than go and likes to take her time. She rides english, western, or bareback in a snaffle bit and her breaks are good. Abby is also broke to drive. She has been hooked from everything to a visa via to a hay rake. She will work single or double and will work on either side. Abby is the type to teach you to drive. She’s been used on countless commercial jobs giving tours of the city of Detroit and surrounding areas. Abby has worked weddings, parades and many other events. With that being said traffic crowds and loud noises don’t bother this girl a bit! She stands to be hooked like a dream. Abby is the ultimate teacher you really don’t have to know much she will gladly teach you the ropes! 



Auction closes: December 4 at 8:15pm, 2022 

Princess pony alert!! Meet Snowball! This little ball of fluff is a sweet,chunky, and adorable as they come! In the summer when she’s fully shed out she looks likes she’s been kissed by the sun as her coat is a light golden palomino and, in the winter her fuzzy coat turns her Snow White! She is 5 years old and 10hh. Snowball is one heck of a sweetheart! She’s friendly to handle and easy to catch out in any size field. She comes right up to you looking for treats and pets. This is a pony the kids can love on all day everyday day and snowball will stand there quietly soaking it all in. This chunky pony walk trot and with some encouragement she canters! She’s been jumped over some small fences a few times and enjoys taking the kids over the colored poles. She’s the perfect first pony and backyard family pony! Shes given countless pony rides to kids 1 and older and will take her time leading the littles around. She’s been exposed to bouncy houses, pools, and more swing sets than I can count! She’s a very easy keeper and enjoyable to be around. Snowball is also broke to drive! She loves other horses and ponies and will live and play well in a mixed group!