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Meet Kiley
Now here’s a pony that you don’t see every day, if you could take a Friesian and shrink it to pony size that's Kiley! Kiley is a unique cross between a Fresian and a Haflinger. She has the elegance and majestic gorgeous looks of a Friesian with the calm temperament and stocky build and smooth ride of a Haflinger. Kiley is jet black and stands 14.1hh at 5 years old. She is nothing short of stellar! Kiley has great movement at a walk trot and canter. Her trot and canter are very comfortable.
You can sit on her all day. She comes equipped with great upward and downward transitions and the breaks are good. She is a quiet girl that enjoys working and wants to learn and please her rider. She rides English and western. Kiley has been lightly started over fences. She is learning quickly and seems to like it! Kiley has lots of miles out on the trails. She takes everything in stride and rides confidently in the woods. 
On the ground, Kiley is respectful and patient. She has great ground manners. She leads well, stands good in cross-ties or tied to a post, and stands for grooming and saddling. Kiley gets along well with her friends out in the pasture. She is usually one of the first ones to meet you at the gait and comes in ready to work! Kiley has done tons of driving too. She has pulled several types of carts both single and double. She enjoys a nice stroll down the road. 
This girl is full of personality and is absolutely beautiful! She may also make a wonderful momma if you are looking to get into breeding. She lacks in nothing!


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Everyone is looking for a horse with color and something flashy, well here is the boy that is exactly that, meet Joe! Joe is the most handsome sorrel and white polka dotted pony that you will ever lay your eyes on. He is an 11 year old registered POA and stands a solid 14.2hh. Joe is spotted all over his body, and has a beautiful long mane, tail, and forelock. He has a soft kind eye, foxy ears, and good solid feet. His conformation is correct in everyway. Joe is a true gentleman undersaddle and on the ground. Joe has A+ ground manners. He will stand tied all day to be groomed. He also stands well from saddling, mounting/dismounting, and bathing. He walk trot and canters with great flowing movement. His trot and canter are very smooth and easy to ride. Joe knows both of his leads well, has a soft mouth and is easy to steer with two hands or neck reining. Joe has phenomenal breaks! If he had sliding plates on his back hoofs he would glide through the sand like a reiner and a stop like that is hard to find and hard to teach! He rides both western and english. Joe has recently been started over fences and currently working in a lesson program teaching beginner walk trot and canter lessons. He is patient with the new riders and takes good care of them. He can take a joke and doesn't mind an unbalanced rider. Joe is also great out on the trails. He is a willing and trusting partner in the woods. Joe is happy to explore the trails alone or in a group. He isn't phased by water, logs, large rocks, puddles, hills, or wildlife. Joe takes everything in stride and keeps his cool in new areas. He has been hauled all over the Midwest and has strolled down several miles of trails. Joe has been roped and shot off of and has done some basic farm and cattle work. Joe is the type of pony you could do literally anything with and he will put 100% in all while looking pretty! He will catch everyone's eyes anywhere you take him! 

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Here at Blackstone Stables, we are proud to offer a variety of horses and ponies for sale, both to people in barn and out of barn. These horses have a wide variety of ages, abilities, knowledge, show experience, etc., but they are all absolutely fabulous equine companions! We also are constantly updating and adding new horses and removing sold horses from our website, so chances are that if the horse is still on the website, it’s still available! We try to put as much information as we can about each horse, as well as a video showcasing their skills. However, if you would like additional information, to see different skills in a video, or to schedule to come see the horse in person, please email us at and we could be more than happy to set this up for you! We aim to help you find an equine companion you are happy with and fits your needs, so if you are looking for something specific, please let us know and we could help guide you to what horses that we have available would best fit your needs! Happy horse shopping!



Meet Mya

Sweet, kind, gentle, and loving are just a few words to describe Mya. Mya is a jet black stocky and strong percheron mare that stands 16.2hh at 17 years old. She is as sweet as can be, easy to catch, and soaks up all the love and attention you give her. She easy to lead and handle on the ground at all times and is respective of your space. Mya walk trot and canters well in the arena or out on the trails. She is confident in the woods and isn't scared of things you come across on the trails. You can ride alone or in a group with Mya. She is super smooth and very easy to ride. You don't need to know much to be able to ride her. She is beginner safe, kid safe, and husband safe. She has a calm and chill demeanor. She is more whoa than go and likes to take her time. She rides english, western, or bareback in a snaffle bit and her breaks are good. Mya is also broke to drive carts, carriages, wagons, and all farm equipment. She drives single or double. She has worked carriage jobs in downtown Detroit. She is used to all of commotion, lights, and traffic. She has worked in weddings, birthday partys, and other holidays/special occasions. She is easy, uncomplicated, and very loving! Anyone could ride or drive her!! This mare has a heart of gold and wants to make her person happy.

We are proud to introduce you to “Chrome” and as his name implies he’s sure got lots of it! He’s a gorgeous dark bay with 4 whites, a star and a snip! If tall dark handsome and sensible is your thing Chrome is your man. He is an 8 year old Dutch warmblood gelding who stands between 16.3-17hh. His confirmation is nothing short of stellar. Chrome has long legs, solid bone structure and a well muscled body with an eye that will melt your heart. Chrome has a fantastic walk a gorgeous trot and a very comfortable canter. He comes fully equipped knowing all lateral movements and will work off of seat and leg pressure. He has a soft mouth and pole and will ride right into your hand. He’s got just the right amount of go. He’s not hot headed but will hold his gaits with ease and excellent self carriage. His breaks are also very good. Chrome will swap his leads when asked as well. He has also been extensively trail ridden and is not one to notice much. He will hack out alone or in company. Over fences this horse is going to be a force to be reckoned with. He has all the scope anyone would want and jumps in great form. He will jump whatever he is pointed at and you do not need to be accurate to navigate him around a course. He is as honest as you will find. Chrome has also been on a few hunter paces. He’s been ridden around some of Michigan, and Ohio’s most beautiful hunt country. He has also been driven. We think he will make an excellent hunter or equitation mount, event type or even one to take fox hunting. He is beautiful in his mind and movement. For size reference the girl grooming him is 6ft tall! Please enjoy the video. Chrome is a rare find! He lives in Highland MI 48356. Call Or Text Ellesse Schwartz 248-390-6831 for more information.
Chrome comes UTD on everything (shots, coggins, farrier etc) he also comes with a Ppe stating he is sound and healthy. 
Chrome is still available to be test ridden and vetted before the auction ends.
Chrome price is determined by his bids on platinum equine auction. If you need help with the bidding process please contact Ellesse (phone number above), message our fb page, or contact platinum equine auction on their website.


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Meet Bobby. This boy may as well be owned by Disney as he is every bit as majestic and royal as the horses you see in the movies. Bob stands a solid 16.3hh with strong bones and sturdy conformation. He’s covered head to toe in deep beautiful dapples and has a Snow White mane and tail. Bob is 25% Spanish Norm and 75% percheron. He is Sired by Glossos Valentino and his momma is a percheron. Bob is 8 Years old. This horse is as sensible as the day is long, in absolutely every aspect. He trail rides in a group or will gladly venture out alone. He’s quiet and steady moving. He will walk along and soak in the views or he will move out into a trot or one of the most rhythmical canters you will find on a horse of his size. He is 100% ok With wildlife, woods, water, traffic, bikes and even a random smoke bomb if you happen to come across one. You won’t find an obstacle that will phase him. He has also been ridden in the arena and he has great self-carriage and will make all the circles as round and supple as you ask of him. We think he would be a stellar hunt horse, or low level dressage mount. He moves off seat and leg beautifully. Bob also has an extensive resume in harness, he’s pulled a Cinderella carriage, and a visa via thru busy cities, parades, weddings and princess parties. I want you to pay attention in the video we show a 6 year old holding the lines. He is absolutely the type to teach you how to drive or the type to hook up a couple times a year and take out for fun. Bob has also taught many beginner riding lessons. He’s ok with the bigger riders with no balance and will Also take care of the little kids. He has been ridden in parades and carried a flag as well. This is a very hard horse to sell as he’s near to impossible to replace. If sales were not a big part of our program this boy would never leave. I can’t say enough about him. So I’ll let him Continue telling his story as it’s well demonstrated in his video! Please call or text Ellesse Schwartz 248-390-6831 for more info. Bob lives in Highland MI 48356​​

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Princess pony alert!! Meet Snowball! This little ball of fluff is a sweet,chunky, and adorable as they come! In the summer when she’s fully shed out she looks likes she’s been kissed by the sun as her coat is a light golden palomino and, in the winter her fuzzy coat turns her Snow White! She is 5 years old and 10hh. Snowball is one heck of a sweetheart! She’s friendly to handle and easy to catch out in any size field. She comes right up to you looking for treats and pets. This is a pony the kids can love on all day everyday day and snowball will stand there quietly soaking it all in. This chunky pony walk trot and with some encouragement she canters! She’s been jumped over some small fences a few times and enjoys taking the kids over the colored poles. She’s the perfect first pony and backyard family pony! Shes given countless pony rides to kids 1 and older and will take her time leading the littles around. She’s been exposed to bouncy houses, pools, and more swing sets than I can count! She’s a very easy keeper and enjoyable to be around. Snowball is also broke to drive! She loves other horses and ponies and will live and play well in a mixed group!


I would like to introduce you to Bobby! He’s a 15.3hh 9 year old Cheval Canadian Horse. This breed is also known as Canadas Little Iron Horse, and for good reason. Bobby is strong, well muscled, and easy keeping, while being agile, and as tough as nails. Bobby has a beautiful long wavy mane and tail and is dramatically attractive.
Bobby was bread for work both under saddle and in harness and it shows. He has 3 fluid gaits. A nice walk an elegant trot and a delightful canter. He knows his leads and will work on and off seat and leg pressure with easy. Bobby is quiet natured but extremely willing to do what’s asked of him. He knows basic dressage movements. He’s been jumped around, ridden on the trails, woods, roads and fields. He’s got all the parts to make a top fox hunter. But he’s quiet minded enough to carry a flag in a local parade or just putz around the farm for an afternoon trail ride. Bobby is not one to notice much of anything, he’s steady going and about as unflappable as they come. Bobby is not only beautiful but also very friendly. His temperament is kind, his mind is intelligent, his sturdy build gives him stamina. He has good energy and is enthusiastic about his work with out being nervous. Bobby is extremely well rounded and very rideable for a variety of riders!


Price: $18,000

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