Fizzle is one unique dude! Hes a gypsy vanner/quarter horse cross. Hes a good made, sturdy designed little horse with a heart of gold! He is 8 yrs old and 13.3/14h tall. Fizzle was raised in Missouri and was formally trained by his breeder to be used in therapeutic riding for soldiers returning from war with PTSD and other disabilities. After completing these duties I purchased him and my boys have had a blast riding him, they are 10 and 7. Fizzle got his name because he was born on July 3rd, he fizzled out before the 4th! On top of being pretty and very conformationally correct, he is also very, very broke. He neck reins, side passes, lopes correct, collected circles, takes his leads both ways, does lead changes, rides bridle-less, and is very easy to ride. Fizzle has been trail ridden all over the midwest and easily handles the toughest trails. Hes been ridden in parades, thru the dairy queen drive up, and right down the highway. He has been ridden both English and western. With his therapeutic riding back ground he has had tons of desensitization work done with him. He is great for the farrier and veterinarian. He’s truly a one of a kind gelding. Call Mitch at 217-549-3803.


Meet Pinkee!
Pinkee Pie or as we call her Pinkee is a dark bay thoroughbred mare. She is 5 years old and approximately 15hh. Pinkee is sweet and as quiet as can be. This girl wants to work and wants to please. She has a great mind on her and tackles new challenges like a pro! She is easy to catch any where in the pasture and gets along well with other horses. Pinkee stands well for grooming, saddling, bathing, and mounting/dismounting. She w/t/c with ease, rides in a snaffle bit, and has easy flying lead changes. Pinkee will ride english or western. Pinkee is a girl that could go in any direction and excel! She has been lightly started over fences and is willing and taking to it very well! She is honest and has potential to grow in the jumping world. Pinkee would do well in a lesson program or as a horse to take her rider to the next level in their riding career!

Price: Set Your Own through Platinum Equine Auction

Theo is a one of a kind gentle soul. Standing at a tick over 15 hands and still growing at 4 years old, birth date of March 23, 2017. Theo has been trail ridden, started the right way, and ready to go in any direction you choose. He is the real deal and a fine looking gentlemen to boot! He is registered APHA Classic Champagne 🍾 and a true classic he is! Theo has one of the smoothest lopes I’ve ever sat on a horse and loves to please. He is an easy keeper, loads easily, and will stand tied all day. He is used to noise, dogs, kids and farm equipment. Does not crib or weave. Sound and ready to take his rider to new places. If you have any questions please call Jodi Koors at 812-593-0325. Located in Greensburg, IN

Judo is a 13 year old 14.2 hand Appaloosa gelding that my 12 year old daughter owns. He is so flashy and he turns heads wherever he goes! Just look at all those spots and that huge blanket!! He has been hauled to town a lot, used for trail riding, been roped off of, been started as a trick riding horse, and
done playday events. He loves to be groomed and get attention. He’s easy to catch in a pasture or he’s content to be kept up in the stall also. Judo has no buck, kick, rear, or bite. He loads and unloads on the trailer really well. Bulls can charge at him and he will sand there and pin his ears. You can tie him anywhere and he will stand patiently. He is really smooth to lope bare back and you can crawl all over him and he will not spook. We love taking him to our pond or the river to go swimming. He will not be phased by tractors, cars or any moving objects. He carries a flag without any problems. Judo is not dominant with other horses. He gets along in the pasture with others. He is a friendly gelding. I have had fun training him, and I hope you will enjoy him as much as I have. Call 972-442-4985 with any questions about him.


Levi is a 14.3, Gold Buckskin, 13 year old, stout built Quarter horse gelding. Levi is a very gentle, slow and easy beginner type of horse that is safe for the whole family to ride. He has been used at a local feedyard for checking cattle, sorting, loading trucks and doctoring sick ones too. He has been trail ridden and camping with kids aboard him and he is sure enough slow and easy for those novice riders. He has saw everything possible on the trails. He will cross creeks, ditches, logs and navigate rough rocky areas. He is safe in traffic safe whether that be trucks or cars. He has a nice western pleasure type of jog that is smooth to ride, his lope is easy as well! Levi has been exposed to all kinds of wildlife such as deer or turkey or other animals like cows or dogs and will go anywhere that he is asked too. He has been rode many miles in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky and encountered every obstacle possible on the trail. He will go up or down even the steepest slopes, across deep creeks, over downed trees, and over all types of rough terrain while still being sure footed. Levi is one for the whole family! Feel free to call Jake with any questions 270-566-3465!


Price: Set Your Own through Platinum Equine Auction

Say hello to Brooks! Brooks is 13 years old, bred and raised on the Whittenburg Ranch and carries their brand on his left hip. Brooks is a been there done that bonafide ranch gelding. He’s had countless calves drug to the fire at branding time and seen lots of big country. The last 4 years Brooks took a side job of helping raise the ranch kids. Everybody on the ranch young or old would ride and use Brooks. He has been hauled to town as well used in the 4th of July parades, trotted the play day event’s, and been taken on the trails in the Palo Duro Canyon. Brooks is one of the hard to find kind. He stands 15 hands and weighs a full 1270 pounds. His confirmation is impeccable. Brooks is old school built, square, big hipped, and pretty headed. They don’t make them like him anymore. Brooks is handy to use on the ranch, but his best feature is his quiet, gentle disposition. No matter how long a person leaves him off, every single time you catch him, he’s the same horse. Brooks is very smooth traveling and has a beautiful one hand neck rein. He turns heads everywhere you take him. Stands for mounting/dismounting, bridles, saddles, and bathes without a flick of an ear, great for the farrier, and the easiest horse on the place to catch. Brooks loves people and attention, but it isn’t required for him to stay gentle and pure. We believe Brooks would fit any level rider. Whether you want the handy ranch horse or just to enjoy a ride. Brooks aims to please. Please feel free to call or come try Brooks in person. Contact Taylor at 806-654-5490 with all inquires. Brooks is located in Amarillo, Tx and we would be more than happy to help arrange shipping. Thank you for the interest, he’s an amazing animal and we are confident you will enjoy him as much as we have.

Price: $5,800


Price: Set Your Own through Platinum Equine Auction



Tank is a stout 16hh, 10 year old Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse gelding. Tank is one of those horses that is the whole package that rarely ever comes on the market. He is virtually spook free, smooth gaited and extremely willing! Since tank has been here our whole family has enjoyed him. You can put anyone on him and know he will take care of them! He is just so calm and relaxed. He is virtually a dog in a horses body! He is the type of horse that catches you!! He is easy to groom, bathe and clip and is also perfect for the farrier. He is quiet as a mouse in the cross ties or tied out. He has also been picket lined and will ground tie. He is easy to saddle and bridle and stands perfectly still to mount and rides off slow and easy. We have had Tank in our desensitizing program since being here so he has seen it all from tarps, whips, gun fire, and much more. The crazy thing is he didn’t ever care anyway! Most horses are not fans at first but Tank has seen so much over the years he just doesn’t mind anything. I don’t like to say any horse is bomb proof but Tank is as close as it gets. Tank is very soft and easy to ride. He will one hand neck rein, back the length of a barn all with the slightest touch. He is very responsive but not so responsive a beginner couldn’t ride him. Tank is very good gaited but will walk all day on a loose rein if that’s what you like. So yes he will ride with a QH group. Tank has several nice gears in him when asked. You can seriously ride Tank anywhere!! He has been in countless parades, done all the goofy classes at the country boy horse shows, and spent several nights camping. Hes the best trail horse you will ever sit on! He will go up, down, through or over anything and I mean anything! Just give him his head and let him do his job. He will ride in the front, back, or middle of a group. Tank crosses all types of water even loves to swim! He will step over fallen trees and will ease over slippery rocks. He is very sure footed! If you are looking for a true “once in a lifetime” horse that will take care of you or your family for years to come.For more info contact Elizabeth at (606)492-4248


Price: Set Your Own through Platinum Equine Auction

Meet Pickles!
Pickles is a cute typey dappled grey welsh pony. She is as pretty as a picture out of a book with an adorable dished head and a kind eye. She is approximately 8 years old and 13hh. Pickles not only has the looks but she also has the moves! She w/t/c english or western with EASY flying lead changes. Pickles has smooth and flowing movements. She moves off seat and leg, collects, and has good breaks. Pickles is also an honest jumping pony! Point her at any jump and she’s happy to get her rider to the other side. You do not have to be accurate for her to match right around a course! Pickles has no quit!! Whatever you point her at no matter the distance she will jump! She has jumped full courses up to 2’6”. She’s great at helping her rider find the correct distance. Pickles not only arena rides but she also trail rides. She will walk through puddles, over rocks, and over logs. Nothing phases this pony! Pickles likes to work and wants to please. She has Fantastic work ethic and is happy to go all day. She gets along with other horses outside. She’s been exposed to lots of livestock and could care less about other critters. She’s a doll of a pony on the ground and is the first one to meet you at the gate.

Meet Captain! at 6 years old and 16.2hh this Dutch Percheron Cross gelding is sure to steal your heart. Captain is well muscled and has just the perfect amount of chrome to get you noticed! He is a laid back type who’s no stranger to the trails. Captain has been ridden all over the state of Michigan. He’s been down the road, through water, over bridges and in the woods. He’s as calm and level headed as they come. He has also been used around cattle and other livestock. Captain has the best demeanor, he adores people and some may say he acts like a big dog as he can sit and lay on command! He’s been started on his English training and shows great potential as a dressage or hunter type. His movement is fluid and elegant. This is a smart boy who aims to please. He’s big he’s fancy he’s quiet and he knows how to steal your heart!

TOPGUN is a 4 year old grade paint Walking Horse. He stands 14.2 and has a unique and gorgeous dapple grey and white color. His loving, sweetheart personality will make you fall in love with him right away. TOPGUN has a very good handle on the trail and in the arena. He will go anywhere you point him, he’s a very brave trail horse and will ride front , back or in the center. He has a good trail walk, a fancy style rack, and a super sweet- slow short lope. He will neck rein or direct rein and is easy to handle. He will ride with or without head gear, traffic safe, and handles a rope like a ranch horse. He lopes circles both directions in the correct lead, side passes, stops and backs on cue, and will open and shut any and all gates from his back. He has had a lot of campground exposure and rough country terrain. TOPGUN is for sure an all- around kind of horse that is ready to go do any job you have in mind. Call Brandy Collins 270-970-9654 for more info.

Price: Set Your Own through Platinum Equine Auction

Mr. Moon


Love Lady is a 11 year old unregistered half Gypsy vanner half spotted saddle horse mare. Standing 14.2 hands tall with a nice stout build, this ole gal can handle just about any size rider. She has been trail ridden all over the big south fork, in groups as large as 20+ horses as well as rode out alone! She stands perfect for the farrier an is super easy to bath an clip. If your looking for a super nice mare with a great mind set that’s ready to hit the trails look no further! Call Rostin 606-310-9004 with any questions!

Casselyn's Amazing Grace

Top Gun

Here’s a rare chance to own 2 “Mini Gypsy Vanners” they mature to be adorable 12-13hh lightly feathered typey ponies. Both fillies are 8 months old and have just been weaned. They are now learning to lead and other big girl things! The sire is a black and white Grade Gypsy Vanner (his papers never came as promised) and the moms are pure Section A Welsh ponies out of imported stock. Both ponies were breed at mischief acers farms. The breeder is getting out of the business so these tiny dolls are being offered for sale! It’s an amazing cross that will mature into the ultimate all purpose kids pony! More pictures coming soon😊! Gypsy Xs are some of the coolest and most popular breeds around!


Meet “Casselyn’s Amazing Grace”. She is a very beautiful, unique 6 year old 12hh Gypsy Pony Cross mare. She is well broke to ride and drive both englosh and western. She has been driven through a pony parade and also driven alot on the highway. She is traffic safe and sound. She is well broke to ride, she has been on lots of trail rides and moonlight rides. We have had her at Salt Fork State Park for overnight rides. She ties well on a highline and hauls great. She crosses creeks, logs, ditches or whatever obstacle that you will find on the trails. If you are looking for a confidence building pony for your kids to learn to ride on she would be the perfect pick! She has a nice jog, great lope, side passes, backs and even sets on a beanbag. She loves to babysit the little kids when they are around and she watches over them. We have owned her since she was just a 2 year old and she has become very special to us. She will definitely be missed but is ready for her new family! If you would like to come see her, take her for a ride or drive feel free to contact us Amigo Acres Loren & Susie at 330-275-9042

Meet Willie & Waylon, a team of spotted draft ponies! Yes, you read that right, this “fun sized” team stands 54 & 55 inches respectively at 5 years old. Willie and Waylon are half brothers out of 2 paint pony mares and a black Percheron stallion. Willie & Waylon are being offered for sale for only as a duo,
for one price. Yes, you read that correct as well, buy one get the other! They have been driven everywhere you may want to go and hooked to about anything you can think of hooking them to. They have been on week long trips pulling wagon trains through the foothills of the appalachian mountains. They have camped, picked, crossed bridges, water, and seen all types of wild life. They have seen the country side of Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, and Michigan. Back roads, main roads, mountains, fields, they have been there! This is a well traveled team! With that being said, yes, they haul like old pros. Willie & Waylon stand tied for grooming, tacking, harnessing, baths, story time, for the farrier, and the vet. This team is a dream to catch outside in any size field and will stall with no issues as well. They have impeccable manners for both the youngest and oldest of handlers. Willie & Waylon are also broke to ride. They can not only walk, trot, canter, and jump, but they Roman ride as well! Now that’s something you don’t see every day!! If you can stand up on their backs, they move in tandem quite well and will allow you to have some fun! Now, if that’s not your cup of tea that’s okay, they ride walk, trot, and canter like any other horse and require no special ques. They have worked in summer camp and taught beginner lessons. They are calm natured but will move through all the paces for you. This fun sized team is one of a kind! 5 years old, beautiful, well matched, and talk about a resume! Are you looking for a fun team to drive? Some safe ponies the grandkids or grandma to hop on? Or just a nice matching team to hit the trails or show ring with? Here they are! The hottest thing on the horse market today: draft crosses, but what makes them even better is the fact they are crossed with a pony! So now you have the level headedness and sensibility of a draft with the cuteness of a pony. They are sound, stout, and sturdy. This team is a rare find! I can go on and on, but click the video link below and they will steal your heart as well!! They are favorites in our barn and we are pleased to make some lucky family’s dreams come true by adding them to your farm!

Meet Shadow of Moonlight or “Charlie” as we call him at home. He’s a registered 5 year old, 16.2hh, Friesian Sport horse. Charlie is sired by the legendary Flip f/t Friesian Connection and out of a cross bred mare. He carries himself with a ton of presence and elegance. Charlie has excellent bone structure and conformation. He’s big, he’s quiet, he’s sensible, and he’s well rounded. Charlie is a total love to be around, he enjoys company, and soaks up attention. He’s no stranger to activities and kids! Charlie is broke to both ride and drive and is a very willing partner. He has been trail ridden and driven. He has been driven all over Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky, and is traffic and road safe. He’s a calm natured horse. Charlie has been on moonlight rides camping trips thru the woods and water! He’s as sensible as you will find. Charlie has 3 beautiful gaits under-saddle and excellent breaks. He has a nice walk, an elegant and floaty trot, and rocking horse canter. This horse is absolutely stunning! The type that will steal your heart at first sight. He has an excellent foundation in dressage and has been started over fences. He is safe, sound, and extremely good looking! A hard kind to find. He will excel in dressage, lower level jumping, trail riding, and driving, or just as an all around family horse! His video tells his story well! Call Ellesse 248-390-6831 for more info.

Price: Set Your Own through Platinum Equine Auction

Price: $13,000

Have you been looking for that unique, colorful and extremely broke gelding. Here he is, meet Roy. Roy is a 12 year old half friesian half quarter horse standing 15+ hands. Roy is an absolute pleasure to be around, he is always in your pocket if he’s not there he is running to find you in the pasture. Roy has been ridden by every lever rider from beginners to experienced. He is the type of horse that can sit for 6 months and then get on him bareback with a hay string and ride off. Roy crosses creeks, logs, rivers, goes up and down the steepest hills and mountains with ease. He is cautious with every step he takes. He had been on thousands of overnight camping trips where he has been ridden 5-10 hours a day and still will go if asked. Roy stands at the picket line all night with no fuss. He has been hauled to local rodeos where he has carried the American flag for the grand entry. Stands to be mounted and dismounted from the mounting block. He picks up all 4 feet with ease. Very loyal to the farrier doesn’t care if the carrier hot shoes him or just basic shoes him. He has been ridden by an older lady who has done mounted archery’ off of him and he didn’t care one bit. Roy will wtc with ease has a great stop and back up, he sides passes and has a one hand neck rein! Roy is the entire package. He is traffic safe, dog safe, you can crack whips, or even shoot off of him. He is safe enough to put the little ones or big enough for any older rider who wants to have fun. He is 100% sound with no bumps or blemishes on on him. Has no bad habits or vices suck as crib or weave. Don’t miss out on Roy he is a super unique gelding with a lot to offer for any rider. You will not be disappointed with Roy he will love you just as much as you love him. Please call Jeff at 606-209-1316

Willie & Waylon

Desperado come to your senses… Desperado has been out riding fences and has been ridden all over the ranch. Desperado is a well built 15.1hh, 11 year old black/white tobiano gelding with 4 stockings and a brand on his shoulder. He is very smooth gaited and moves out easily! I have had him trail riding throughtout Big South Fork in Tennessee and Iv taken himto local fun shows. He is easy to catch, clip, bath, tack-up, load, and handle in anyway. Desperado will flatfoot walk on a loose rein but likes move on out and he is fun to ride! He has been ridden around farm equipment, ATV’s, over large noisy tarps, bullwhips and a large bouncy ball. Desperado is not spooky acting and always rides with confidence. On the trails he is always great and has never saw a hill too steep or water too deep as I have had him swimming as well! Desperado has been exposed to all kinds of wildlife such as deer or turkey or other animals like cows or dogs and will go anywhere that he is asked too. He will go anywhere you point him… across deep creeks, over downed trees, and over all types of rough terrain while still being sure footed. He has been rode in traffic, and is very traffic safe around cars, semi, log, and dump trucks. Desperado is ready to come to your home now! Call Trevor 606-516-8069 with any questions.

Price: $7,500


Price: Set Your Own through Platinum Equine Auction

Price: Set Your Own through Platinum Equine Auction

Meet Belle shes a 7 year old 16hh grade warmblood mare. Belle is a stunning chesthnut with all the chrome in the world. This mare is a total love to work with. Her manners on the ground are A+ she stands for grooming tacking for the farrier and to be loved on. She will walk right up to you in the field and plays well with mares and geldings. Belle is absolutely stunning under-saddle she has beautiful animation and suspension at the walk and trot and a lofty canter. She knows her leads and is as comfortable as you will find. Belle is more of a push ride under-saddle but will move thru the paces with ease. Her breaks are amazing in-fact if you can say the word whoa she will stop no reins needed! This is a FUN ride with great natural self carriage a willing attitude and a kind disposition. Yes she’s been trail and road ridden as well and she’s as steady as they come. Belle is currently working summer camp in an English lesson program and has started her training over fences. She jumps in great form! She’s kid and grandma tested and approve. Belle is ready for her next rider to finish her off in dressage hunters or just to have as a fun riding horse! She has been previously driven however we have only ridden her. She speaks for her self in the video link below.



Price: Set Your Own through Platinum Equine Auction

Price: $20,000

Price: Set Your Own through Platinum Equine Auction

Proudly offered for sale “Pusher” is a 10 year old true blue roan Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding. He stands a solid 15.2 hands high and will park out for you to mount!! I can’t say enough good things about this gentleman! Pusher is a total ham on the ground he stands tied for greening tacking and bathing. Pusher has been used to check fences, cattle and other chores around the farm. He is super careful on the trail he goes real slow and steady down steep slopes, crosses every obstacle in his path with no hesitation! He will cross creeks, logs, will even swim through rivers. Pusher has been trail ridden all over Michigan Ohio and Indiana. He’s been exposed to all sorts of wildlife and is also safe on the road! He is a gentleman in the arena. He will stand for the mounting block, or on a log in the woods. Pusher has a one hand neck rein a very smooth and steady gait and a great walk. Pusher stands to be bathed, clipped, mounted and for the farrier! If your looking for a solid trail horse who has the color the the chrome and one who loves being ridden and wants to please his owner look no further he has the color, brains, attitude and size to do anything you ask him



Price: $12,000

Price: Set Your Own through Platinum Equine Auction

Meet the smoothest horse you’ll ever set on, CHEETO! Cheeto is a beautiful buckskin gaited gelding and he is the smoothest horse that you’ll ever have the chance to own! I’v owned Cheeto a little over a year now and we have done it all together and seen it all together! From trail riding throughtout Big South Fork in Tennessee where we got close to a bear to riding my nephew around the parking lot at fun shows at until 2 am… Cheeto has been my best buddy and is ready to be your next buddy! He is easy to catch, clip, bath, tack-up, load, and handle in anyway. Cheeto will flatfoot walk on a loose rein but will move on out when asked and he is fun to ride! He has a natural runwalking gait where he will shake his head but my favorite gait is when he cruises out at 12-13mph and is still smooth as a clock! He has been ridden around farm equipment, ATV’s, over large noisy tarps, bullwhips and a large bouncy ball. Cheeto is not spooky acting and always rides with confidence. On the trails he is always great and has never saw a hill too steep or water too deep as I have had him swimming as well! Cheeto has been exposed to all kinds of wildlife such as deer or turkey or other animals like cows or dogs and will go anywhere that he is asked too. Cheeto will go anywhere you point him… across deep creeks, over downed trees, and over all types of rough terrain while still being sure footed. He has been rode in traffic, and is very traffic safe around cars, semi, log, and dump trucks. Don’t miss the horse of a lifetime! Call Trevor 606-516-8069 with any questions.

Blackstone Stables

Price: Set Your Own through Platinum Equine Auction


Price: $5,500 for the pair


Meet T-Rex!
Rex is a hefty, handsome, and handy boy! He is a registered draft horse. Rex is 5 years old and approximately 18hh. This boy can do it all! Rex w/t/c under saddle English or western. Rex also drives like a dream. He is truly a gentle giant. He trail rides, arena rides, and road rides. Rex will cross trees, rocks, logs, puddles, and will ride along side of traffic. Rex is happy to ride alone or in a group. Rex is young and has a great mind to him. He is wise beyond his years. Rex can go in any direction! He is looking for his next home that will spoil him!



Price: Set Your Own through Platinum Equine Auction

Meet Jet!
Jet is a handsome chestnut welsh cross pony. He is 8 years old and approximately 13hh. Jet is a loving boy who wants to please. He w/t/c English and western, and has flying lead changes! Jet has recently been started over fences and shows a liking to it. He is great for bathing, grooming, and saddling. Jet would make a great 4h show pony or hunter pony. He’s brave and has trail experience. Jet is looking for his next home.

Price: $14,000

Meet Reba!
Reba is a registered 4 year old AQHA standing 14.1hh. Reba is a stunning dun with tiger stripes on her legs and a full dorsal stripe. She has a long flowing mane and tail that is to die for and the cutest face that you could look at all day. Reba as phenomenal bloodlines including High Brow Hickory! Reba is young, athletic, and has a great mind for a youngster. She rides English and western in a snaffle bit. This mare has HUGE POTENTIAL to go in ANY DIRECTION!!! From ranch work, trail riding, jumping, western pleasure, cow work, barrels, you name! Reba is willing, smart, and ready for her new rider to put the finishing touches on her! Don’t miss out on this mare!!!

Mini Gypsy Vanners


Price: $20,000

Meet Pepsi!
Pepsi is a handsome registered paint gelding. He is 14.3hh and 6 years old. His color and kind eye is sure to get you noticed! Pepsi has a lot of training under his belt. He is calm, quiet, and eager to try new things. He is a beautiful mover and easy to handle on the ground. Pepsi stands well for bathing, grooming, saddling, and mounting. He rides English and western in an arena or out on the trails. Pepsi rides in a snaffle bit and has a smooth w/t/c with flawless transitions. He neck reins and direct reins with ease. Pepsi is beginner safe! He’s truly an all around horse!


Talk about picture perfect… Cheyenne is a big stout built buckskin Quarter horse mare. She is 11 years old and stands around 15.2hh weighing a solid 1250lb. She has 2 brands on her and all black points. Since owning Cheyenne we have trail ridden her throughout Big South Fork and used at a friends cattle operation. She has previously been used at a local stockyards to pen cattle and load trucks, she has plenty of cow sense and wont back down when one gets pushy. She is easy to handle, gets along great out in the pasture, no problem to handle her feet or wash. She rides great on trails over any obstacle, is traffic safe and rides with confidence. She is ready to work on the ranch, in the yards or hit the trails! Call Korey with any questions 606-310-6341

Barbie is a 7-year-old Kentucky Mountain horse that stands around 14.3 hands tall. This lady is thicker than a snickers… stout enough to pack any size rider. She’s a gorgeous champagne colored palomino with a white mane and tail. We’ve had the privilege to own and train Barbie for several months now and she is always the highlight of my day when I get to work with her. We’ve taken her on many trail rides, camping trips, and even day rode her out alone around our farm to check cows and fences. I’v ridden her though town, down the highway, though the gas station, went through the tobacco shop for a can of dip, rode her by the bank, fire department, down sidewalks, across bridges, up steps… she will go anywhere you ask! She’s been a pleasure to have around and enjoys riding. Barbie has an outstanding smooth and natural four-beat gait from 1-12mph she is as smooth as a clock and she’s very smooth and gaits the same for any rider. You won’t find a trail that’s too rough or tough for her either, sge’ll go through anything you ask her too. Barbie walks when climbing the steep hills. She goes patiently and easy down the rocky mountainsides. Crosses water, bridges, logs, and anything else that might be in your way. She’s been ridden around dogs and other livestock. Barbie is definitely an easy keeper at the barn. She gets along with other horses when she’s turned out to pasture. She stands quiet if she’s in his stall. Good for farrier and easy to handle when loading and unloading from the trailer. Shes got plenty of experience on the trails! Barbie has the size, the look, the gait and is in the prime of her life and ready for her forever home! Located in Whitley City, Kentucky. For any info, you can call or text Korey 606-310-6341.

Price: Set Your Own through Platinum Equine Auction

Mulligan is Tall, dark and handsome, this nice gelding checks all the boxes. And brains too! At 17.1hh and 6 years old, this ClydeX could go in any direction. He has been under saddle for just over a year in a professional program. We have taken our time and not rushed him. In the past year he has developed a very balanced walk, trot and canter. He moves off your leg nicely and has a soft mouth. The foundation to his over fences work has been thorough. He is honest and straightforward to all his fences. As good as he is in the ring he really loves to hit the trails! Alone or in company he takes everything in stride. He is safe in traffic, open fields, in the woods and through water. His dexterity in rough footing is excellent. Both the blacksmith and the vet have commented on what a sweet well mannered horse he is to work on. He is a gem in the barn and easy to handle in every way. Riders from 7-77 years old have handled him. If you are looking for a well started tall gelding to finish your way…you just found him!!! We can help with trailering anywhere in Canada and the USA. Contact Mike Sanchez 860-898-0522.

Price: $8,500



Price: Set Your Own through Platinum Equine Auction

Price: Set Your Own through Platinum Equine Auction

Price: $7,000


Here at Blackstone Stables, we are proud to offer a variety of horses and ponies for sale, both to people in barn and out of barn. These horses have a wide variety of ages, abilities, knowledge, show experience, etc., but they are all absolutely fabulous equine companions! We also are constantly updating and adding new horses and removing sold horses from our website, so chances are that if the horse is still on the website, it’s still available! We try to put as much information as we can about each horse, as well as a video showcasing their skills. However, if you would like additional information, to see different skills in a video, or to schedule to come see the horse in person, please email us at and we could be more than happy to set this up for you! We aim to help you find an equine companion you are happy with and fits your needs, so if you are looking for something specific, please let us know and we could help guide you to what horses that we have available would best fit your needs! Happy horse shopping!

Price: Set Your Own through Platinum Equine Auction

All Mr. Moon is a VERY well built Dunskin Quarter Horse/Fjord Draftcross Gelding, standing a solid 15.1hh, weighing 1300lbs, he is 5 years old and is wise beyond his years. Mr. Moon has been trained with natural horsemanship and liberty training methods. He is trained to set on his rump, he will bow down and he has a very good start on laying down as well. Mr. Moon has one of the easiest and softest lopes you will ever set on! Mr. Moon is a very confident horse that is not spooky around anything or any situation and he is as close to bombproof as youll see. We have had him camping, used him around cows including roping and dragging cows into a trailer (check out the end of our video), he has penned cattle at a stockyards, trail ridden him hundreds of miles, we have ridden through town, through the car wash, rode him down the sidewalks of town, down steps, up ramps, to the softball field and loped the bases… we even took him through the bank drive through and made a deposit on him. Mr. Moon rides western, will spin both ways, sidepass, back, slide stop, open and shut gates. He will also go English and has jumping experience and has wonderful flatwork in the arena taking his leads and doing flying lead changes. He is also broke to drive under harness. Mr. Moon loves attention in any form that he can get it whether that be brushing or bathing, he loves attention, and has a ton of personality! Out in the pasture he is towards the top of the pecking order, although around here he is not the top horse, he is also easy to catch out of the pasture! Just whistle and he will come to you anywhere that you are. He has been ridden around farm equipment, ATV’s, over large noisy tarps and has also had guns shot off of his back. No matter where he goes or what he does, Mr. Moon is not spooky acting. He has been exposed to all kinds of wildlife such as deer or turkey or other animals like cows or dogs and will go anywhere that he is asked too. He has been rode many miles in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky and encountered every obstacle possible on the trail. He will go up or down even the steepest slopes, across deep creeks, over downed trees, and over all types of rough terrain while still being sure footed. He has been rode in traffic, and is very traffic safe around cars, semi, log, and dump trucks. He in one of the friendliest horses that you will find, in fact he will follow you around like a puppy. Mr. Moon is the star of the show!!! Feel free to call Trevor 606-516-8069 with any questions.

CCGV BlackJack (aka Bango) is a very cool bay roan tobiano, Registered 3Yr old, gypsy paint cross gelding that stands right at 14.2hh and should grow to be around 15hh. He has been in our program for a while and has excelled to say the least! He has been trained with natural horsemanship methods and respects his rider and handler. He will ride bridleless completely off of leg cues where he will stop, back, spin and sidepass. He will ride bridless right out in the open, on trails or down the highway. He knows tricks and will lay down from the saddle for dismounting or lay down for mounting. He also bows and will set on his rump. He has been trained at Liberty and will follow you around like a puppy, back, free lunge both ways and stop all off of hand and eye signals from his handler. He is very well broke to ride, had a lot of outside miles on the trails, through creeks, in mud, over trees and down the busy highways as well. Bango is very soft in the bridle and collects very easy, rides very good in the arena as well, lopes pretty circles, knows his leads very well and does flying lead changes. Bango would be suitable for just about any level of rider as almost every member of our family has ridden him and he is very forgiving and willing with his rider. Here is a true once in a lifetime horse! For more info contact Edwin 319 283 0616

Price: Set Your Own through Platinum Equine Auction

Love Lady

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Silver Bar Joy aka Miss Kitty is a 14 year old registered quarter horse mare and stands aprx. 15.2 hands. She is always the first to meet you at the gate and has a sweet loving personality. She stands quietly to be groomed, saddled and mounted. She has a nice soft handle and is good for riders of all ages. She is very classy in the arena and on the trail. She will walk, trot and lope both directions in the correct lead. She handles a rope well and goes anywhere you point her. You can open and shut gates from her back with ease. Miss Kitty has had a lot of exposure and always remains quiet, calm and steady. She is a great all around ranch and trail horse. Any questions about Miss Kitty please call David Borntreger at 270-804-6902.

Miss Kitty

Price: Set Your Own through Platinum Equine Auction


Color. Beauty . Brains .
Ruby is one classy gal , she’s got all the shape in the world ! Standing right at 14.3hds tall .She is a grand daughter of the legendary Highbrow Cat the greatest cutting horse sire of all time and on the bottom side her breeding goes back to the great APHA cutting horse Delta Flyer (exceeding career earnings of $260,000 ) Ruby has all the class in the world, she is broke like you want one to be, she travels low headed and with ease. She has a rocking chair lope. If you can sit in a saddle you can ride Ruby. She has done all the ranch chores including dragging calves to the fire, doctoring in the pasture to sorting and shipping. She’s not just a ranch horse, take her and show her in the ranch versatility classes or if you’re just wanting that once in a lifetime trail horse to be your best friend that the whole family can enjoy then she’s your gal. She has been rode by kids and all levels of riders. She’s been down to the bright lights of the Famous Forth Worth Stockyards and has seen the Texas rivers and trails. She will cross creeks, bridges, logs and will go up and down hills with ease. This pretty girl turns heads wherever you go. Leave her off and step on her in the coldest day in December or the hottest day in August and she will be the same. She’s truly a special girl. Stands for mounting/dismounting, will also stand for a mounting block, bridles, saddles, stands tied great. Ruby has a huge heart and aims to please. Ride her now and breed her later, she has many options that she can be used for!!! Michelle Wiley 661-817-9120. Located in Stephensville, TX

Price: Set Your Own through Platinum Equine Auction