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Color Me Smart, also known as smarty is a 2021 APHA gelding with absolutely fantastic blood lines going back to colonial freckles, play gun, and smart little leana. He was born and raised in Texas. Smarty has many miles on the trails. He stands 14hh with all the shape in the world. Smarty lives up to his name as he is very well broke walk, jog, lope, he’s been started on reining work and has a bunch of buttons. This boy will finish off to be a top show horse or just that all around family type. 




Meet Bella! Here is a mare that aims to please her rider and enjoys having a job. Anything from trail riding, jumping, barrels, or walk trot lessons Bella is game for it! She is an experienced been there, done-it type of girl who’s happy to teach! Bella is a beautiful bay roan, 15hh grade quarter horse, who is 12 years old. She has the size, color, age, and experience that most want and can’t find. Bella rides English and Western in any snaffle or curb bit. She has a smooth jog/trot and a wonderful lope/canter. Bella collects and frames up when asked and responds to all leg cues. She steers very well off of seat and leg. Bella’s ground manners are A+! Anybody can lead and catch her. She lives in a mixed group of mares, geldings, and even mules and plays well with everyone! She stands like a rock for all grooming and tacking along with mounting/dismounting. Bella is a very personable horse and has a loving personality. This girl would make an excellent show horse, equestrian team horse, or just an all-around family horse for everyone to enjoy! Enjoy the video as she shows herself with a multitude of riders in various situations!

Bella also recently delighted us with a bundle of joy! She has a beautiful 2 day old stud colt by a Percheron! 

Meet Maverick, let’s talk about a fun guy! He is 12 years old and stands 14hh! He is a beautiful tri-colored paint with a fantastic mane and tail! Maverick has a beautiful floaty trot and great canter. He has been used on the ranch for everything from camping trips to roping, rounding up cows, and checking fences. He was born and raised out west and has been in the mountains most of his life. He has seen plenty of wildlife and is a very brave horse. He has also been used for barrels, poles, and games Maverick is very Athletic and loves to jump. He will jump full courses inside and outside. He’s been on several hunter paces. He has also done some endurance riding. He’s an all-around guy with a fantastic work ethic. 


He’s checking in at 18.2hh at 5 years old! His name is Doc and he is the definition of a gentle giant. Doc is a Percheron Belgian cross. Don’t let his size fool you, Doc can walk, trot, and canter with ease! He knows his leads and will transition both upward and down effortlessly. His lope is absolutely delightful. He’s so naturally rhythmical and balanced he could lope a circle in a teacup! He has all the makings to be a top vaulting horse with his size and movement. Doc is very respectful of his people. Anyone of any age or size can lead him. He will greet you at the pasture gate every day. he plays well with all of the other horses and ponies outside. Doc has been ridden down the road, in open fields, and in the arena. From gathering up cattle to dressage work he’s got all the moves! He has also had 60 days in harness. Doc has been on several hunter paces and loves to explore. He’s been camping as well. He is also started over fences and he is extremely careful. Doc has loads of natural horsemanship training and is learning all the fun stuff like how to sit and lay down on command. Doc could go in any direction and would work for a variety of riders. Please enjoy his video.


Meet Superman! This little ball of fluff is a sweet,chunky, and adorable as they come! He’s an adorable chesthnut and white paint pony gelding! He is 10 years old and 10hh. Superman is one heck of a sweetheart! He’s friendly to handle and easy to catch out in any size field. He comes right up to you looking for treats and pets. This is a pony the kids can love on all day everyday day and Superman will stand there quietly soaking it all in. This chunky pony walk trot and with some encouragement, he canters! He has been jumped over some small fences a few times and enjoys taking the kids over the colored poles. He is the perfect first pony and backyard family pony! He has given countless pony rides to kids 1 and older and will take his time leading the littles around. He’s been ridden walk trot independently by kids as young as 4. He has been exposed to bouncy houses, pools, and more swing sets than I can count! He is a very easy keeper and enjoyable to be around. Superman is also broke to drive! He loves other horses and ponies and will live and play well in a mixed group!  


Shanna is a stunning 7 yo tri color buckskin and white paint mare. She stands 15.2hh making her the perfect size for anyone. All of her gaits are delightful. 


We are proud to offer Rosie the mini for sale! Rosie was affectionally named by our 3-year-old daughter. Rosie has been a part of our family for the past 3 years and our kids have done everything and anything you can think of with him. He stands at 34 inches and is 12 years old. Rosie stands for grooming, tacking, being dressed up, harnessed, and just for general care. He loves the little kids and is happy to greet them in the pasture. He is also broke to ride and drive. Rosie will walk, trot, and canter under saddle or bareback. He drives like a champ. Rosie has been used for many game days, trail classes, in-hand jumping, pony parties, trail rides, and even agility work both in hand and in harness. This little guy is absolutely not a stranger to a day filled with kids' shenanigans. He will join the kiddos' fun and he will even sit and lay down on command. He’s been in costume classes, parades, and in the woods. Rosie is not one to shy from anything. He has a charming personality and is happy to teach a new equestrian the ropes of riding or driving!  This is a one if a kind guy! He has countless hours of kid miles. From camp, to parties, to just playing around he’s been there, seen it, and done it!

​*Most of our horses come with a basic vet check. Additional vet work is welcome at the buyer's expense.

*Horses will only be held with a non-refundable deposit. 




Meet Johnny Cash! He’s a 15.2hh Draft cross gelding! He is every bit as stout as he is tall! He’s 12 years old. He’s a beautiful chestnut with a thick blonde mane and tail and a big blaze. John is a curious guy on the ground. He is the 1st to come up to greet you in the pasture and is always up for a ride. He’s the happy-go-lucky type. He stands nice for grooming, tacking, and mounting. He walks, trots, canters, and even drives! John is a very brave horse. He will trail ride all day and in any direction, you point him in! He moves very easily off of seat and leg pressure. He comes equipped with excellent transitions and the breaks are good! He’s light on his feet while having sturdy conformation. John has been ridden both English and Western. He jumps right around and is not one to spook at the jumps. He is barefoot and gets along with both mares and geldings!

Auction ends June 2nd, 2024 at 7:45 pm EST

Pansie! This 14.1hh bay QH mare is absolutely amazing in every way she can walk trot canter with no tack, jump around, pull a cart, knows all the tricks, and doesn’t have a fear in the world   


I’m excited to introduce you to Cleo! She’s a unique draft cross. Her mom is a quarter paint and her dad is a Brabant. This unique cross made the most beautifully put together and colored mare we call Cleo! She's a black roan with just enough white and incredible conformation. She's very well-muscled and has great bone structure and solid black hooves. Cleo walks, trots, and canters with ease. She can collect and extend all of her gaits. She's got a fantastic stop as well. Cleo works off seat and leg cues. She knows lateral movements such as side passing, pivoting, and leg yielding and she’s even got flying changes. Cleo is fantastic in the arena, as she’s very balanced. She has been started over fences and jumps in great form while holding a steady pace. She has also been trail-ridden all over. Woods, water, open fields, big groups, out alone, down the busy road, or around wildlife she has no cares. Cleo has also been working cows, rounding up, and sorting, and has even participated in a few breakaway roping events. If you want to get into cows she’s totally game, if you want to enjoy trails she loves it, if you want to have a great hunter-jumper type she’s also a good candidate.

Johnny Cash


Judy is a 17.2hh registered Percheron mare. She is 14 years old. Judy has been used in a commercial carriage company for weddings, city rides, and other events. She is also broke to drive. 

For Sale...


Birdie might just be the most beautiful horse on the farm. She is 16.2hh at 3 years old and is the most stunning silver dapple color with a blonde mane and tail. Shes very well broke walk trot canter and has been started with her trick training. 


Diego! He’s a 15.3hh APHA gelding! He can spin, slide, and work the cows! He is the been there and done it type! He is 15 years old. A true babysitter. 

Here is a very special girl that we absolutely adore! She was born and raised on our family’s farm. Ember is as sweet as can be and as cute as a button. She is a pure bread section A welsh pony out of imported stock. She will mature at 12.2hh. Ember is 4 years old. She is a pretty chestnut with a white blaze. Ember is a joy to ride and currently working in our lesson program. The kiddos love riding her and is a favorite for many of our students. Ember has a nice quiet walk, a floaty flat kneed trot,  and the most delightful canter. She knows both her leads and has been very lightly started over fences. She rides a snaffle bit and is soft in the mouth and has great breaks! Ember has great ground manners and you can catch her anywhere in the field. We think Ember would make an excellent small hunter pony. In fact, many of her siblings have had very successful careers as hunters on the MHJA and USEF circuits. She would also make a great addition to any lesson program or family pony! 

He is a 5-year-old Norwegian Fjord gelding Jimmy stands 14.1hh. If you know about the breed you know they are known for their quiet demeanor, versatility, and strong conformation. Jimmy is no exception to that. He is beautifully put together and is hands down the most versatile guy around. Jimmy is loaded with personality. He adores people and he knows how to lay down, sit, and say yes and no. Jimmy has been ridden on the roads, fields, and arena. He’s been used to round up cattle and rope off of. He will ride 100% off of your seat and leg cues so well that you don’t need a bridle. He will take care of any rider in any situation. We have had him out on the trails in groups of 40+ horses and he will lead or follow with the most nervous of riders, he is also great to ride out alone. He has delightful gaits this boy makes you feel like a professional every ride. He has had kids as young as 4 years old ride him independently. He is soft in the bit and responsive to all aids. Jimmy has all the natural horsemanship training you would ever expect and he soaks it all up like a sponge. He rides English, western, bareback, and even drives. He jumps full courses in stellar form with a great rhythm. He's been to town, camping, on hunter paces and cattle drives. I think the world of this pony and could write about him all day. I would love for you to watch his video as he tells his story far better than anyone could. There’s nothing this pony can’t do!

​​​ Blackstone Stables

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Fritz is a 17.1hh 12 year old registered Hanoverian gelding. He is as quiet as they come. Fritz is a fantastic teacher. School master deluxe. 

Henry! Oh Henry! This bay roan paint pony stands 12.2 at 6 years old. He walk, trot, canters, swaps his leads and jumps around beautifully. Henry is a total doll of a pony!

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Sparky is a 13.1hh 4 yo POA. This guy has amazing color, and beautiful movement. 



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Here she is the kind of horse everyone dreams of owning her name is Tessa. She stands 15hh at 5 years old. She is sired by Rocky a gypsy vanner. Her mom is a paint mare. This horse is a stunning brown and white with an absolutely gorgeous thick mane and tail and beautiful feathering on all 4 legs. Not only is this girl as beautiful as a picture in a magazine she’s got the personality to match. Tessa will stand like a statue tied or not for as long as you want to groom and handle her. She is extremely careful as the little ones work around her legs and feet. She loves the attention and loves to be doted on. She leads, loads, clips, and baths all with no issues. She can live inside or out with no vices and gets along with the others. This girl really speaks volumes for herself as you watch her video. She will walk, trot, canter, jog, lope, and is so soft in your hand, and listens so well to your seat and leg ques. You do not even need tack to ride her around and I’m not just talking about a walk, I’m talking about walk, trot, canter, jumps, trails, parades, or even just a ride around an arena… she will do It all tack-less. Tessa has all the buttons one may want but is easy enough to teach the kiddos. She’s worked at a zoo showing off her tricks and you better believe she’s a crowd favorite. She’s seen all types of exotic animals and could not care less about them. She’s also one of the best trail horses I’ve sat on. She will navigate any terrine on a long rein with any level of rider. Trailblazing thick brush, wildlife, and water all no problem. She will take the lead or follow behind, even venture out alone, she will pony horses twice her size as well. This horse has the best mind on the planet we have yet to find anything to spook her and that includes our blow-up Dino costume. Dino can groom, tack, lead, as well as ride her and she couldn’t care less. She has carried the flag, been roped off of and used to work cattle. If this is not quite enough her liberty work will have you asking is this a pony or a dog!! She sits, lays and bows on command!! What fun the kids have had with her! She also has experience driving. I can keep going but I’ll stop here. 


“Cinnamon Twist” or Cinnamon as we call him is nothing short of spectacular. From his mind to his color there’s nothing he’s lacking. Cinnamon is a 15.3hh stout made Drum horse (Gypsy Vanner Percheron cross) dappled grey gelding. He is 5 years old. Cinnamon has an incredible mane and tail and light feathering. He has gorgeous conformation and his dapples have dapples. Not only is he stunning, he is sensible. Cinnamon will walk, trot, and canter with ease. All of his gaits are as comfortable as floating on a cloud. He has had years of natural horsemanship training and will ride completely tackless at the walk, trot, canter and even over jumps. He moves off of your seat and leg effortlessly. He has been in the city, in traffic, in the woods and in water. He has been in the arena and the fields. This guy will go anywhere with any rider onboard. He goes English, Western, and even bare back. He knows how to drive and loves it. Cinnamon has all the bells and whistles when it comes to his trick training. He will sit, lay down, and bow with a simple tap on his chest or ankle. He has seen tarps, umbrellas, yoga balls, bridges, inflatable dinosaurs, and much more. You will be hard pressed to spook him. This gelding has been on several hunter paces. He has also been used to round cattle. He jumps in beautiful form. He has been to schooling shows and used in lessons for kids as young as 5 years old. This is a unique find that would be an asset to anyone looking for a feathered horse that anyone can get along with anyone in any situation. 

Belgian Draft Mare- Used to pull carriages and heavy equipment. Nothing phases this gorgeous mare!

Auction ends June 9th, 2024 at 9:15 pm EST

Looking for a horse?!? You have come to the right spot!! Here at Blackstone Stables, we are excited to offer a variety of horses and ponies for sale, both to our boarders and the general public. We have some of the nicest horses in the country for sale, as we are committed and passionate about training the true “all-around” horse. Conformation, breeding, all-around performance, and disposition, all combined into one individual that is safe, sound, and ready for you to enjoy. We take a tremendous amount of time ensuring our horses are well rounded, desensitized, sound minded, and versatile. We travel all over the county to find wonderful prospects to offer to you. Although each horse has its own story and own set of attributes, many come from breeders, and life long friends we have made in the horse business. We offer horses of all breeds, ages, abilities, knowledge, and show experience. Each and every will make an absolutely fabulous equine partner! We also are constantly updating and adding new horses and removing sold horses from our website, so chances are that if the horse is still on the website, it’s still available! We try to put as much information as we can about each horse, as well as an all inclusive video showcasing their skills. However, if you would like additional information, to see different skills in a video, or to schedule to come see the horse in person, please email us at and we could be more than happy to set this up for you! We aim to help you find an equine companion you are happy with and fits your needs, so if you are looking for something specific, please let us know and we could help guide you to what horses that we have available would best fit your needs! Happy horse shopping!

Pepsi is a 4 yo Haflinger mare. Man is she beautiful with her light blonde mane and dappled body. She is broke to both ride and drive, and has a calm demeanor. 


Prince is a 5 year old Friesian sport horse gelding who stands 16.2hh.