One Too Many aka Brewer

The perfect first horse! One Too Many aka "Brewer" knows his job as the teacher and performs it well.  From learning how-to ride to collecting the blue ribbons in the show ring. Brewer will gladly be your riding partner.  Standing at a stunning 16.1hh Brewer is the perfect mount for anyone looking to build confidence, or to hit the show ring. 

Rio D'Oro aka Felix

Rio D'Oro aka "Felix" is a gorgeous 17.1 hh Oldenburg gelding suitable for any rider type. Felix is suitable for the junior rider looking to excel though the show circuit, or he'd be an great mount for an adult rider. Felix will gladly take care of anyone from beginner to intermediate to the top of the line equitation rider. Felix has performed on the show circuit at the 3ft height and will be stepping out next season ready for 3ft 3inch height. Felix is a horse showing superstar with a resume to demonstrate his excellence in the show ring. 

Oreo Blizzard

Oreo Blizzard aka "Blizzard" is a darling large pony who is super quiet for the beginner, or rider who needs to build confidence. Blizzard is great for all ages and riding levels.  She is as easy as they come and she loves her job as a school master and she does it willingly. 


Gracie is a great pony for any rider of any age and all riding levels.  Looking for an easy going horse to learn how-to ride, or to build confidence and endurance, or are you looking for some show mileage and to win it all in the show ring?  Gracie is the all around pony who can make all your dreams come true.  

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Dressed to Impress aka Jellybean

Dressed to Impress aka "Jellybean" is a  stunning large pony gelding who is a fabulous beginner rider pony.  And he cleans-up great for the show ring too!  Jellybean is an excellent all around pony who is wonderful at teaching the young beginner rider how-to do everything from posting the trot to jumping and horse showing.

TGIF aka Wednesday

TGIF aka "Wednesday" is a  lovely  small horse mare who is great with any type of rider from the beginner rider learning how to ride to the advanced rider looking for more experience. From posting the trot to learning hot-to jump Wednesday is your horse. She is the babysitter who will not only teach your child how-to ride, but will further take him/her to the horseshows and win. Wednesday is currently being offered for an in-barn lease only.

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa aka Lisa is a lovely large pony mare suitable for any young beginner rider interested in doing it all. Lisa can carry her mount from the Crosspole  and Short Stirrup division and all the way to the Large Open Pony division and she is always in the ribbons. With such a diverse range of ability Lisa can be the one pony that makes all of your childs' dreams come true. 

Who's available for Lease

Full Lease

$775 per month

A Full Lease entitles the rider to their very own horse without the financial responsibility of Veterinary Care, and Farrier services.  It is required that 1(one) ride a week be a lesson.

           *We offer many more horses and ponies available for lease. Let us help you to find your perfect match*

Half Lease

$375 per month

A Half Lease entitles the rider to 3(three) rides per week.  It is required that 1(one) of those rides be a lesson.

Mr Ed

Mr. Ed aka "Eddie" is the perfect next step for a pony rider looking to take their riding ability to the next level and enjoying the fun of the show ring. Eddie is a younger welsh pony who knows and performs his job perfectly.  Standing at 14.1 hh he has all the moves to take your pony showing career to the next level.

Pricing for show horse and pony leases may vary

Blackstone Stables offers a variety of different horses and ponies for lease starting at $375 per month.


The perfect baby sitter for anyone wanting to learn how to ride. "Oliver' is an older thoroughbred who knows his job well and executes his job with supreme care and ease.  Standing at 15.3 hh he is the perfect size for anyone and will take care of anyone.