$850 per month

"14 Karat" aka Bling 

Here at Blackstone Stables, we are also happy to offer a variety of horses for lease. Most of these horses will happily be leased to the right home either in barn or out of barn, but some are exclusively offered for an in-barn lease only, as their owners also ride them still. Lease types vary from having privileges to the horse a couple days a week (half lease) or to having full privileges of the horse without paying all the bills an owner would have to (full lease)! Both options are amazing, and it depends on what you are looking for and what you are looking to do for what lease type would suit best. There are also horses available who have proven themselves numerous times in the show ring! These horses typically may be a little more expensive to lease as their skills have taken lots of time and rigorous efforts from their owners to build up these skills. No matter if you are just looking for a leisure riding equine companion, or if you are looking to step into the show ring and win some ribbons, we have horses available that will be able to fit any needs the rider might have! Leases typically start at $475 a month, and this price does not include lessons or training of any kind. As mentioned before, lease prices also might slightly vary from horse to horse (or pony to pony) based on the amount of experience they have! Regardless of what you are looking for, we are happy to help you find your perfect match!

Meet Bling! He's a super sweet gelding who has been there and done that. He is looking for a beginner rider: walk, trot, canter, cross poles, or two-foot max. Bling is 16.2hh. 

This entitles the rider to three designated riding days per week. It is required that the leaser takes at least one lesson per week, which is not included in the price of the lease.

This entitles the rider to their very own horse without the financial responsibility of veterinary care, farrier services, etc. It's required that the leaser takes at least one lesson per week (not included in lease price)

For Lease...

Meet Ginger! Ginger is a very easy-going, 15hh, bay Morgan cross that rides like a dream. This girl walks, trots, canters, and jumps with ease, and is truly spectacular all around. She is just looking for a lucky half-leaser that enjoys arena riding, trails, or jumping! 


$475 per month



Dressed to Impress aka "Jellybean" is a  stunning large pony gelding who is a fabulous beginner rider pony.  He cleans up great for the show ring too!  Jellybean is an excellent all-around pony who is wonderful at teaching the young beginner rider how to do everything from posting the trot to jumping and horse shows.

"Paint the Wave" aka Toby

Half Lease

Paw Print aka Freckles

Full Lease

Dressed to Impress aka Jellybean

Toby is an adorable black and white paint pony who just loves to jump and will take care of any rider! Not only is Toby as cute as they come but he's as sweet as he looks! 

Paw Print aka "Freckles" is a 13 year old and 12.2 hh mare. Freckles is a great teacher for any little child! She can walk, trot, canter, jump, and adores the little kids. She has so many things to teach a young and aspiring rider, and is alway happy to do so!

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