Here at Blackstone Stables, we offer full-time horse training. In our program, we can start and/or finish your colt, young, or green horse. We specialize in Natural Horsemanship Training and work with horses in a compassionate and effective way. Each horse will be put into a customized training program to best fit the needs of the particular horse, and their owner. We focus on building a well-rounded horse, using a trust-based partnership. Within our training programs, we do everything from arena work, to trail riding, to desensitizing tools and obstacles so that the horse becomes accustomed to anything you may want to do!

$45 per ride

3 rides per week: $475

4 rides per week: $675

5 rides per week: $800

Single Rides:

Horse Training

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Horse Training

*Please note that horse training prices do not include the price of boarding and/or lessons!

Monthly Packages: