Blackstone Stables

06-10          WEC Fall Classic 2 (Wilmington)

​13-17          WEC Fall Classic 3 (Wilmington)

22-23           Win-A-Gin C & Pony

​28-30           Haverhill B & USEF

                     at Win-A-Gin

12-13           Windermere Eq Center C & Pony

​17-20           Woodbine Spring Show

​24-27           Haverhill B & Pony

                    at Win-A-Gin

16-18           Hunter's Run B & USEF

01-04           Waterloo H/J

​08-11           Hunter's Run B, C, and Pony

​23-25          Meadowview B, C, and Pony


03-05          MHJA B Finals

                   at Hunter's Run

​11-12          MHJA C & Pony Finals

​                   at Hunter's Run

19-21           Haverhill B, C, and Pony 

​                     at Hunter's Run


Blackstone Stables is proud to be well-known and holds a competitive edge on the Michigan Hunter/Jumper Association’s (MHJA) circuit. We have been established since 2013, allowing us optimal experience on the grounds and with our fellow competitors. We pride ourselves on having good sportsmanship and cheering on other riders in our down time. The unique bond that our trainers create with their clients allows them to have a mutual trust in each other, making the ribbons earned just a byproduct of trust built over time. We do stress to all of our students that ribbons are NOT everything. Having a good time, learning new skills, and having good sportsmanship for your teammates and fellow competitors are just as important! To learn more about showing on the MHJA circuit or any questions you may have associated with showing, please feel free to write us an email at! 

Schooling Show Series

To Be Decided...

Show Season

We would like to wish all of our riders at Blackstone Stables the best of luck as they continue the 2021 MHJA show season!



2021 Show Schedule


Plan on 2-3 schooling shows throughout October-December, we will put up exact dates when we have them available! Thank you for your patience!💜🖤




07-08          Windermere Eq Center C & Pony

​13-15          Win-A-Gin B

​27-29          North Adams C & Pony

                    at Win-A-Gin

2021 MHJA Banquet

November 13, 2021

For those students who are not yet ready for the competitive MHJA circuit, we also offer in-barn shows, referred to as schooling shows. These shows are against fellow students with their same skill level who also ride at our facility. With these schooling shows, the students become familiar with being in the show ring and being judged. Doing this allows for a less drastic change from no shows at all to the MHJA circuit shows, hopefully eliminating any extra anxiety or stress the student may have associated without the experience of these schooling shows. Schooling shows are run just like a MHJA show but on a smaller scale. We even have judges for the students and ribbons to reward them with. The judges used at schooling shows are not trainers at the barn, and therefore any bias possible is eliminated, making sure the students are solely scored based on their skillset!