​​​ Blackstone Stables

In regards to our training program at our facility, we are proud to offer specialized programs formulated to best suit the needs of anyone and everyone looking to have their horse/pony trained! These programs are specifically tailored to the needs of that individual horse/pony, as well as the needs/wishes of their owners or riders once the training is completed. We are well staffed with experienced, knowledgeable staff that is capable of training everything from how to walk on a leadline, to putting the finishing touches on a horse/pony to make sure they are ready to take their rider into the show ring! We are also more than happy to help you find the perfect horse/pint to meet your individual needs and preferences, when the time comes!

**Must be 18 years of age or older to contact. If under 18 years old please have parent, or legal guardian contact us on your behalf. Thank you!**

Contact us to schedule your lesson today!

(45 minutes)

On Your Own Horse: $40

​On a School Horse: $55

Evaluation Lesson

Since we have the luxury of being located at such a gorgeous facility, we have access to areas for riding both indoors and outdoors, making it so we can be open year round! We have an indoor riding arena with a heated observation lounge overlooking for the colder winter months, and have large, spacious, outdoor riding arenas so you and your equine companion can enjoy the fresh air in the warmer months. Lessons are typically taught Tuesday through Thursday as well as Saturdays and Sundays, allowing us a wide range of ability to work with your schedule to find a lesson time that works best for you! Please note: we need at least a 24 hour notice if you are unable to make your lesson. If you do not give your trainer at least a 24 hour notice, you will still be charged for your lesson. Thank you!

***Lessons are subject to cancellations in extreme temperatures; above 95 degrees or below 10 degrees.***

​​​​For riders who are new to the sport or just want to give it a try, Blackstone Stables makes it possible for you to buy the least amount of stuff possible so there is the least monetary investment until you are confident that you like it. We proudly offer, tack (that is kept in good condition), grooming equipment, and even helmets for our new students to use! The only thing you have to supply would be long pants and closed-toed shoes! Preferably boots with approximately a 1-1 ½ inch heel if possible. We also are proud that our lesson program is able to start a lot younger than some barns in the area, as we start lessons as young as 3 years old! 

(1 hour)


Please allow 30 minutes both before and after your lesson time to groom, tack, cool down, and put your horse away.

Parents are required to supervise kids during this time, as trainers are in the arena teaching, and will not be able to supervise the children. Thank you!


On Your Own Horse: $55

​On a School Horse: $65


Blackstone Stables also has the privilege of being able to offer a variety of lesson horses/ponies of all sizes, ages, and abilities to our clients who do not yet have their own horse. Our horses are absolutely spectacular in every way and are super quiet, patient, and easy going. This ensures the clients comfortability and ease while riding our school horses. As mentioned before, our school horses are very well experienced and beyond capable of teaching the basics of riding, the fundamentals of good horsemanship, and everything in between, to their rider(s)! These horses can also easily grow with the client.


Lessons offered in both English and Western 

Check out our schooling show dates on our "show season" tab for in-barn shows available to all of our lesson students!


**required for new students in order to determine

your skill level for placement in group/private lessons**