The Blackstone Stables team is excited to introduce our newest trainer, Hollie Pierce! Hollie has been riding with Ellesse for several years, along with working alongside Ellesse as a training assistant. When a former trainer of Blackstone moved onto her own exciting endeavors, Hollie jumped at the opportunity to start making an impact on people through teaching them how to ride, and accepted the position as a full-time trainer along with Ellesse. Hollie has four horses of her own, Hampton, Gus, Winter and, her newest import, Ellie. She is eager to start being able to teach all the important aspects there is to riding, showing, horsemanship, and everything in between!

Ellesse Schwartz

Ellesse Schwartz has been successfully teaching young riders for over 15 years and has been riding for over 30 years. Her first pony "Sprite" taught her everything, and that sparked her love of horses. She specializes in teaching the fundamentals of riding and horsemanship. Ellesse has trained many accomplished riders and is loved immensely in the horse community for all of her generosity as a professional. Ellesse is also known for her specialty horse sales and her keen eye for buying and selling quality horses. Many of her students have gone on to become successful adults in all areas. She received her Bachelors Degree at Wayne State University. Ellesse also has three kids of her own, who are all very eager to get into the saddle, Charlee (5), Chase (3), and Baylee (1).

Rileigh Landis

We would like to introduce you to our fabulous trainers! Ellesse and Hollie both specialize in the english discipline of riding and have been riding, and teaching, for numerous years. They have worked for several years together and are truly a power team making all of your equestrian dreams come true! There is no jump too big or horse too fast for them to tackle! They both take their students to MHJA shows throughout the show season, as well as occasionally take their students to the World Equestrian Center in Wilmington, OH to further their competitive edge. Ellesse and Hollie are both very knowledgeable in anything and everything that has to do with horses and are happy to answer any questions that may come up during lessons or training. Rileigh is our newest trainer at Blackstone Stables and we are excited to welcome her for numerous reasons, the first one being that because of her expertise, we are now able to offer western riding lessons! Rileigh has been riding for many years and is super excited to take this next step by being able to share her expertise with everyone at our facility. With her here, we are able to offer western lessons and hope to eventually expand into going to barrel races with our students! Between these 3 wonderful ladies, all of your equestrian dreams are no longer such a far reach! We are so happy to be able to have such experienced, knowledgeable, and patient trainers so that we can offer the best services possible to all of our clients. 

Blackstone Stables


Hollie Pierce

Rileigh Landis is passionate about training horses and riders. She has the ability to work with all types of horses, including horses with behavior problems, and colt starting. Rileigh takes great satisfaction in helping horses and riders fulfill their potential. At age 10, she tried barrel racing for the first time and fell in love. Rileigh has participated and competed in many horse sports ranging from jumping to western pleasure to showmanship, and beyond. She is proud to be a well-rounded equestrian. Rileigh is eager to accept the western training position at Blackstone Stables and to share her knowledge, skills, and love of riding horses.